My House, My Home ~ just to assure you I am back in business !

Back in Business

The glorious bunch of sweet smelling phlox Georgie brought me yesterday

 Oh ~ thank goodness for that ~ having sent a dozen useless emails, I was about to phone simplesite in Denmark, when decided to look on Google and found their signing-on page and hopefully I'm back in business ~ £1 fee for first month and £10 thereafter ~ it's silly, but I've been feeling really bereft this past week when I could not add anything to my blog ~ the new site name is this : 

if you want to make a note of it !

Just hope I can save the first blog ~ that they won't wipe it out !!   Thank you, SimpleSite and long may our relationship flourish !

I'm having to learn my way around this new site ~ it's roughly the same with some additions/improvements/extras ~ may take a day or two, but so good to be back with you all.

I'm carrying the numbering on from first blog thus we start today at number 326.

I've just finished the latest Alexander McCall Smith novel "The Forever Girl" which I have to say was very disappointing ~ his books are usually utterly delightful, but not this one ~ dealing mainly with teenage love, I found the dialogue laboured and unnatural ~ but there you are, we can't win 'em all.   Interestingly, by contrast with all his other titles, this has only one recommendation "Gorgeously romantic"  from Kate Saunders.   I may be being too critical but I had a job to plough through it.

Friday evening : Had happy visit from Georgie ~ as she's keeping off bread at the minute, I cooked a pan of rice (I always make more than I need) which with hard boiled eggs, coleslaw and watercress she'd brought from Sainsbury's on her way bymade a very good lunch and enough rice over for today ~ Scrumptious !   Followed by mango slices and then choc mousse !   By the time she left I was ready for a flop but then Annie came up the yard with a large bottle of good sherry for me (Annie is 94) in her shopping trolley ~ bless her ~ she knows I have a weakness for it !   And then Pat Lapsley came whom I haven't seen for a couple of years ~ since she developed short term memory problems she no longer helps Brian in the Post Office but she was as bright as ever and we spent nearly two lively hours reminiscing with no apparent problem, so that was jolly.  While she was here, Ellen arrived with the French coffee she had so thoughtfully brought back from Saltburn ~ coffee with chicory which isn't available anywhere else.   Altogether a very wacky afternoon, but fell asleep during Ch/4 News and am going to switch off now to watch the BBC2 documentary about VE Day heroes etc.  Better ring Annie and remind her of it as she herself was part of the war effort working in a munitions factory in Birmingham, as far as I know, the only time she's ever left Whitby.

Saturday morning: Oh my stars !   A couple of months back when my phone died on me, having tried every other possibility, I had to book BT engineer to fix it for me ~ he came on the Saturday afternoon and having checked indoors and out, cables, wires, plugs, sockets, he discovered it was my PORTABLE phone that was causing the problem, and on his advice I threw it into bin there and then and ordered replacement on Amazon ~ with the portable gone, everything was working fine again ~ on today's BT bill I see they are charging me a cool £129.95 for the engineer's visit bringing this month's bill to a terrifying £179 !!   Phoned BT to challenge this as without the engineer's expertise I'd never have fathomed out the problem ~ but in spite of being passed from this advisor to that, they insist I must pay, and pay NOW ~ no hope of spreading the extra over 3 or 4 months !   Never mind the fact that I am old and practically housebound and living alone and partially sighted and verging on the gaga, they would not budge !   The amount will be taken in full with the next BT debit !   Quite terrifying !  Thank goodness for all my Benefits ~ Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Independence Payment otherwise . . .

Although over the years I must have changed the ink cartridges on the printer several times, I somehow can't fathom out how to do it today ~ Barbara offered to help and I think I will have to accept her offer ~ I'm pretty sure that once you set the operation going, the computer guides you through the different stages ~ guess I really must be losing my wits !

May morning in my small garden