What a mess of mats !! Different colours, styles and quality !!! Time to chuck them all out !

Several layers of mat here !!

One of my passions in life ~ old bread boards ~ these in an old wooden plate rack ~ gorgeous !

The upper flight of rainbow stairs looking down from attic landing

No printing, no telly !

My Richard's birthday and I think he must be 59 !  

Such an infuriating day ~ yesterday I eventually managed to install new ink cartridges in the printer ~ it still wont print but offers me FAX and SCAN facilities and when it does print it is printing lined paper, blank with margins so I've given up on it for today.   And when I switched telly on for Songs of Praise (and later Country File and Antiques Road Show) the damned thing seemed to have switched itself to some stupid sales channel which I could not escape from  and eventually lost all TV channels in spite of going through the procedure which Peter Brown the TV engineer explained to me ~ so I'll have to ask him to sort me out on Tuesday, and meanwhile no telly though Sunday is usually my serious watching night.   Maybe it's something to do with last night's TV ~ first I settled down to watch a modern interpretation of Great Expectations but it was very poor stuff ~ plenty of wild and eerie marshland and swirling mist, but the story has been much altered from Dickens' tale.   Two hours wasted.   At 11.00pm I switched over for News but it was still European Song results coming through and by the time it finished it was midnight ~ I've never watched Eurovision before, and the songs had all finished so I saw none of them however scores and scoreboard were quite hypnotising and kept watching ~ nearly every woman giving points from each of all the entries (including Australia !!!)  was blond and in a sexy golden gown, although shey was only appearing for two or three minutes !    Quite extraordinary, with hysterical reactions from each team as scores were announced ~ 8 points, 10 points or finally after dramatic pause the highest score ~ 12 points.   It was a close result between Russia, Italy and the winner SWEDEN !!   The UK came all-but last, 23rd I think from 28 countries !!

Monday afternoon: Washing up yesterday afternoon, I found the water was scalding hot and when I went out to the shed I could just about make out that  the pressure guage was down to zero ~ HELP !   In the old days I could have asked Terry to do it for me but nbody else in the yard except possibly Chris and Di who come to their cottage (no. 1) most weekends and bless him, he was there and once he'd put his shoes on and I'd found screw driver he fixed it for me ~ what a relief !   Inspite of injections for Age Related Macro Degeneration, my sight is very poor ~ I've almost certainly got cataracts developing which is another problem entirely for which we have to wait till they have reached the right stage of maturity when they can be cured very simply with (is it ?) lazers ~ meanwhile do hope I can keep reading without which life would become meaningless.   So far I'm OK on the computer as I can zoom in and out easily enough.  

Could not get the telly going again when I had another try this morning ~ I get so far but then cannot find how to select 'TV'  from menu ~ the cursor will not move up or down ~ not to worry ~ I'll ring Peter Brown first thing tomorrow, though I do feel an idiot at having to do this ~ part of the trouble comes from having TWO remote controls ~ perhaps I've used them in the wrong sequence.

Brother Bill's Book : have finished reading the chunk he sent me, the first 155 pages, and it is utterly fascinating ~ his English (predictably) is a joy, the tone is brilliant (gently self-deprecating) and the content  an eye-opener !   I'm sure he'll find a publisher and ideally it should be in the book shops before 2017 and the European Referendum ~ I can see several of the Guardian columnist going to town over it.

Printer still not functioning properly ~ it offers to do EVERYTHING except straight forward printing : FAX   SCAN   ENLARGE  REDUCE  COPY  . . . I''ve just this minute switched it on again and no PRINT option still !   It's probably something very simple I need to do (as with Telly) if only I could fathom out WHAT !   Time for a bath before I make supper . . .

Tuesday morning : Goodness ~ had a lucky escape earlier ~ tripped over one of the kitchen mats and only just saved myself from falling ~ phoned BEEVERS (Whitby's wonderful carpet and furniture store) and Carl is coming over this afternoon with samples of basic kitchen carpet ~ it was Carl who ten years ago laid the glorious rainbow stair carpetI for me ~ hang on ~ I'll just go down and count the mats ~ trouble was, I could never afford to have new carpet laid though the original was the cheapest available and has now been down 27/28 years ~ shortly after I'd moved in, Kate and I had a trip to Middlesbrough  and with practically the last of the capital from sale of our little terraced house in Winchester (Tony Oakes of HOMEFREE having wangled most of it out of me) we chose this neutral / porridgy / cheap stuff which nevertheless has lasted pretty well, though whenever it was getting threadbare I'd cover it up with another mat ~ OK ~ I've counted kitchen mats and discovered there are no fewer than TWELVE some on top of others and as you can see from photos in the most disgusting combination of colours ~ pur[le stripes, green, fawn, multi-coloured stripes ~ gruesome, and I'm supposed to be a Colour Analyst, for Christ's sake !    I simply used what came to hand, moving them from attic to kitchen, study to bedroom ~ usually the cheapest, all bought from Mail Order catalogues which meant I could pay on the never-never ~ always a stupid thing to do but when you have no money . . .