The post card of Whitby from the air referred to in text

The steep spiral stairs up to the attic ~ there are twelve on each of the two flights.

I'm getting there ~ slowly

The dried mango stone which I cannot smash open, not even with a hammer !

I am still finding my way around this new blog ~ there are several differences ~ one slight problem is the message that comes up as soon as you start writing saying "SAVE AND VIEW CHANGES" which is fine except that it comes as a large notice which covers a fair section of my text ~ guess I'll get used to it.

Later: Carl from Beevers is coming tomorrow afternoon to discuss replacing kitchen carpet (and all those scruffy mats) ~ never thought I would live to see the day when I could even contemplate such expense ~ it was Carl who understood the idea of the rainbow stair carpet and laid it for me ~ jolly good quality stuff which still looks as good as new ~ he guaranteed it would last 30 years so it should see me out ~ even though it did cost a bit more than ordinary stair carpet, I am really happy I did it ~ I remember how the idea hit me in the middle of the night and I was so excited that I didn't get any more sleep but prowled round the house imagining those rainbow stairs which in truth are even more stunning than I'd envisaged.   Over all these years, at our Heritage Open Days the bright rainbow stairs have caused enormous delight !   As each year we would have around 150 visitors through each of our cottages over the weekend, there must have been two or three thousand of them ~ maybe some went home and used the idea on their own stairs ~ I do hope so.   I better put pic here for any newcomers among you who won't know what we are talking about.

All my problems are now solved ~ Peter Brown came and re-tuned the TV and even he had a bit of trouble doing so ~ he is a gem and only charges £10 for these mercy missions.   And persevering with the printer, I eventually discovered what to do ~ in fact there is an additional screen which is definitely a new feature that has to be completed before printing can start.   I'm closing down now to go and watch Joan of Arc program, and so goodnight.  Afterwards: and a marvellous program it was !!   Thank goodness Peter had retuned the telly today !  {Please note : I do know how to spell 'programme' but the way I do it is much more sensible !]

While I was in the bath, Ellen left a bag hanging on door knob with a Jodi Picoult book she highly recommends ~ Vanishing Acts ~ and a huge navel orange !!    Last week I got a mango from Sainsbury's and when it was finished I could hear pips rattling about in the stone ~ having dried it out for a few days, I tried to break open the shell to plant the pips but so far I have not managed it, which might mean the seeds should be planted inside their protective nut ~ I'll do that tomorrow and see what happens.

Wednesday morning: Oh great !   The dozen or so missing pages from Bill's typescript have arrived ~ when I discovered they were missing (page 51-63) I read them on screen but I'm glad to have the full text now to pass on to Chris Dove.  Found a message on the other blog (joypeach) about the aerial photo of Whitby ~ I'll copy it out as the information is interesting ~ so far I have not been able to make out name or email address of sender ~ my eye sight is getting worse by the day !   Ah ~ here we are : the view is autumn 1974  ~ St Michael's Church is still present by Alder's Waste Ghaut ~ fresh tarmac where Boots Corner has been demolished at Bridge End . . .  He (or SHE ~ I only see J G Harston on email) seems to know so much about the picture I wonder whether he was involved in some way ~ was he the photographer or the pilot of the plane, perhaps ?   I have sent him an email and do hope he gets back to me ~ fascinating !!  I'll give you the post card again . . .

Thursday morning: I was jolly glad Barbara was here yesterday afternoon when Carl came from Beevers to advise and measure up kitchen for new carpet ~ considering my age, I'm going for cheap and cheerful which should see me out ~ between us we chose quality and colour, a light fawn with discreet speckles ~ this morning Beevers have rung to get confirmation of my order and I've paid by card ~ £156 for carpet including £10 for disposal of original stuff and all these grotty mats (I shall hang on to the striped turtle mats which are quite new) ~ the fitter, another Carl will come on Wednesday mid-morning and I am assured will have no problem shiftin table and fridge-freezer as required !   I will then pay him £60.  Barbara, bless her, has offered to come round first thing on Wednesday to help me shift everything off the table and from the top of the little yellow chest of drawers so that Carl can get down to work ~ MARVELLOUS !     And all because of the Attendance Allowance and other benefits I get now I am so old and doddery and virtually housebound ~ one way and another I can now pass the house on in jolly good nick ~ freshly painted inside and out ~ I have been seriously afraid I would leave it in a shabby state so . . . PRAISE the LORD and the DSS !!   There is something to be said for ending up partially sighted and penniless ~ maybe the cradle-to-the-grave promise does still aplly !

THink that's enough for today ~ I'll start 329 later !


The enormous navel orange Ellen left me !

Didn't know how to tackle such a large orange but this worked a treat !