Why would I swap it for a single ?

Oh, NO !

My clematis tree ~ no lilac blossom this year but the clematis is bursting out all over it ~ searching for the sunlight !

I've been and gone and done it again !!   I put the telly on for the Antiques Road Show and pressed the wrong button and have lost the picture again ~ how can I be such an idiot ?   David is down in no.4 so perhaps I'll ash him in the morning as he was a TV man, (though an editor down in Bristol which might not be much help) ~ won't bother him tonight ~ don't want to bring him to the door in his pyjamas !!    A pretty good day ~ Sainsbury's delivery came which always means tidying the fridge and the freezer ready to put everything away ~ I ordered another pot of that gorgeous Red Onion Marmalade and one for Georgie next time she is over ~ I know she likes it as she has something similar.   Got washing out on line good and early and all dry by lunchtime ~ excellent ~ it's such a relief to be organised again, have everything under control ~ maybe I'm a control freak ?   Hope not ~ it's only on the domestic front that muddles and backlogs get me in a tizzy, though on my own, what does it matter ?

Changed sheets yesterday ready for laundry ~ we all know about DUVET COVERS and how devilish they are to put on ~ not only am I old and doddery, but my bed and duvet are KING SIZE so it really is a battle ~ I remember many years ago that one of the Guardian's senior commentators wrote a hilarious piece about changing his duvet cover, with supporting cartoon ~ it takes me a good half hour these days, stripping the bed and putting clean sheets on.   And at one time there were five beds to see to, though not all on the same day ~ I must have had a staggering system.   I'm regularly astonished to think how I coped with that houseful, but guess you must all feel the same ~ "How on earth did I/we cope and survive ?"    

You might wonder why I have a king sized bed now I'm on my own ~ it is a bit daft, I suppose but it is very comfortable and I am a sprawler ~ and it is alive with memories of one bed fellow or another ~ a pity to throw them all out !!

Monday afternoon : left a message with Peter Brown re telly, but David at number 4 came in and did it for me, so that was kind.   Once I'd got washing out, sat out on the bench to check bird seed tub before another lot is delivered from Amazon tomorrow ~ for some time now the birds have not been happy with the seed I put out for them and now I know why ~ the tub seems to have as much orange powder in it, as seed ~ spent an hour sifting it out in scoopfuls and ended up with a full bucket of this damned powder ~ couldn't think what was happening in what had been a tub full of mixed wild bird seed ~ Betty turned up with absolutlely luscious choc cup cakes ~ we got extrememely sticky but BOY were they good !   Then we attempted to string her chosen pebble to make her a pendulum ~ what a muddle we got into, for what is really the simplest task !!   Eventually I threaded one onto a twisted length of cotton in unison and it was done !   Ellen turned up to collect more compost and I suggested she might add all this orange powder to her bin but NO FEAR ~ with her bright eyes she could see that the tub of sifted seeds was alive ~ yes, ALIVE ~ seething with bugs all merrily eating their way through the the grain and of course the fine yellow dust is their SHIT !!!     My stars !   And I've had this tub standing in the kitchen for months while the beasties transformed mixed bird seed into weevil shit !!    So between them Ellen and Betty put remaining seed and weevils and bucket full of 'dust' into green sacks for the dustmen !!   And to think I'd sat for an hour sifting through this muck ~ no wonder the garden birds were turning their noses up at my eight o'clock  offering !   How could I not have noticed the creepy-crawlies ~ my eyes are getting worse !   Not to worry ~ it was such a beautiful morning, it was a pleasure to sit out there in the sun !  I now realise where they came from ~ the last batch of birdseed I had from the RSPB incuded dried maggots ~ presumably there were some maggot eggs in with the dried adults and before long they hatched out and found themselves in heaven ~ drowning in fresh food !   Little buggers !   I've just checked on RSPB website and the culprits were DRIED MEALWORMS  though not all of them could have been sufficiently DRY or else there were mealworm eggs in among their dried parents !   Whatever, they clearly soon got mating as today (though I didn't spot it) the tub was heaving with hungry mealworms !   YUCK !!

Sent bedding to Dalewood Laundry and the staff who collect and deliver it are so friendly ~ the early one is Neal and the afternoon delivery man is Dan ~ the first scarcely five foot tall, the other over six foot !  And only £6 per load ~ I send a load once a fortnight, bedding and a bath towel usually.

Oh ~ talking of birds, Kate tells me that on Spring Watch the other night Will's study of starlings was mentioned ~ the subject of his Ph.D thesis ~  I think it was the plagues of urban starlings and the pollution and damage they cause.   Anyway, well done Will !

Sifting through the birdseed which turned out to infected with wild life munching merrily through it and converting 10lbs of mixed seed into fine powdered weevil shit (in bucket) !!