Old bread boards in a Victorian plate rack !

And today I have masses of kitchen gadgets ~ big

Basic Tools

and small !

Cleaning the implements hanging on the kitchen whirligig this morning brought home to me how very fortunate I am ~ with so many kitchen tools ~ almost certtinly, for the first twenty years of our marriage the Prestige set pictured above were the only kitchen tools I had ~ and I'm not even sure how soon into our marriage I was able to buy them ~ maybe after Georgie's arrivalwhen I would get the Family Allowance as it was then ~ the first baby didn't count but 10/- a week (I think it was) for the next ~ I still remember the feeling of happiness when I first had them ~ and here they still are today, the best part of sixty years later, and in daily use.  In the days before YOGHURT had reached our shores, one of the children's favourite puds was a flavoured powder that came out of a packet to be whisked into a pint of milk ~ can't remember what it was called, Something Delight ?    Angel Delight ?   It came in various delicious flavours ~ strawberry, chocolate, orange.  Having no whisk I had to beat powder into milk with a fork, until my brother Stephen and his wife Diane gave me the whisk you see in the photo ~ at which I really felt I was the luckiest woman alive ~ it is still going strong, that whisk,  and like the Prestige set, still in regular use !   Among the van load of stuff thatcame from Aunt G in Edinburgh was a box of cutlery and kitchen tools, old and mostly fairly battered though still usable, including several wooden spoons and a very efficient grater ~ so I was adequately equipped.   And today I've gadhets galore : whisks, wooden spoons, spatulas, tin openers, potato peeler, egg poacher, sieves, colanders, measuring jug, mixing bowls, a full set of steel pans, tea pots, the Wild West coffee pot and the splendid non-stick frying pan Will and Agi gave me ~ I could not ask for more !   And all my old bread boards.   And as for tea towels, I must have fifty or more ~ but for most of my married life I never had more than half-a-dozen which were constantly in the wash ~ and now I probably wash six every day, maybe more !  I am very extravagant with tea towels !

PLEASE NOTE  thisi is  not intended as a "Poor Me" exercise, but a simple comparison with THEN and NOW when, I believe, brides-to-be circulate elaborate lists of the wedding presents they want, specifying the actual make of some things, and as-often-as-not which store wedding guests are to shop at !!   Don't some couples even leave a list of hoped-for presents at, say, Harrods or wherever.   How times have changed, eh ?  

Monday evening: Barbara came in this afternoon for a jolly good natter ~ and there was a drama with the blue bags ~ I'd got them out on the bench ready for the dustmen on Wednesday morning and yesterday took them down and dumped them in Crystal's yard as the house is not yet sold ~ BUT while I was flopping Simon came up the yard with one of the visitors in number 2 carrying all of the bags back as even though there is nothing edible in any of them ~ nothing but paper, glass, plastic and tins ~ nevertheless the seagulls are inclined to rip them open just in case ...  I will phone Scarborough and ask if I can have a big blue bin as I always end up with two or three blue bags waiting for the dustmen ~ even over the fortnight between collections the actual dustbin (green bags) is very rarely full.   I may have to pay for a blue bin, and I must work out where it could stand ~ possibly over in the far corner, and I could just wheel it onto footpath the night before the men come.  

Off to Bridlington again in the morning to Eye Clinic ~ I suspect I have cataracts developing as I am finding reading and working on the computer quite difficult ~ the injections we get do not deal with cataracts but only Age Related Macular Degeneration ~ doubt whether I'll be in touch again before Wednesday as the treatment leaves us practically blind for the rest of the day.

Tom and Mary are here for a flying visit ~ I told them about the drama with the starling at number 4, and they are going to leave a key for their house here too ~ just in case !  Georgie's coming over on Thursday so that will be lovely ~ I do feel lucky to have her near enough to drive over every few weeks, bless her.   Looking over to Annie's house, she has one daughter on each side of her ~ three house in a row ~ Doreen, Annie and Jean ~ I suspect Annie is horrified that I have no family in Whitby, but it doesn't mean we are not all friendly, me and mine, scattered as they are.  Never mind FRIENDLY, they are all extremely loving and caring and I don't know how I'd have survived through those early years in Whitby without their support.

Tuesday evening: had to have injection in the right eye ~ they tell me there are early signs of cataract but nothing that can be dealt with for a good while yet ~ cataracts have to be ripe, don't they, before they can be removed ?   One of the team is especially interesting ~ Essi Joseph is an Indian who came over here in her twenties, and in spite of a family and her full time job she has recently achieved a B.Sc and is now hoping to start studying for her MASTER's in the autumn ~ she is such a friendly lively soul ~ I'm always glad when Essi is there to hold me hand during injection ~ much like my friend, Sue, it takes some determination and organisation and commitment to study in your forties with so many other demands on your time and energy ~ by my next trip to Bridlington Essi will know whether or not she has been accepted on the master's course which is two years part-time ~ tomorrow she gives a presentation to the selection panel, so good luck Essi !

The ride to Brid was glorious with the trees at their best all the way ~ it was only Daphne and me in the car so the driver took us down byways ~ and against the multiple shades of green, still some yellow fields of rape.  Although it is my only outing nowadays and the treatment is rather grim, it is a joy to get out in the countryside once a month and be able to follow the seasonal changes along our route.   There usually is a silver lining !

After the injection, there is a big black blob in the eye ~ this time it broke down into four navy blue swirling disks but already tonight two have disappeared and the other two have shrunk considerably, though they are swirling across the screen as I type.

While I was waiting for the Patient Transport this morning I rang Scarborough about a blue bin and the girl will order one for me which should arrive in a week or so at no cost ~ I really should have thought of this sooner as there are nearly always blue bags on my bench of stuff for recycling ~ they look a mess and occasionally get ripped open by the gulls even though there is nothing edible in them.

The grandson of the couple staying next door is here with his parents for a couple of days ~ an absolute poppet, just two years old, called BO !   Bo ? I said.   No, Beau as in beautiful boy !  

The whisk my brother Stephen gave me all those years ago and which is still in regular use ~ I have no electrical kitchen gadgets ~ no beater or blender, no food processor ~ but seem to manage quite well without !

My pride and joy ~ a Prestige set, 'made in England' ~ still in daily use after 58 years !

. . . not forgetting all the stuff on whirligig over Aga !