The blue recycling bin tucked away in background ~ and the stepping stones all tidied up and (copying my new friend Betty) camomile planted among them !

Heritage Open Days again !

The gorgeous bunch of flowers Georgie brought me yesterday

Oh Lord ~ hope I haven't made a big mistake ~ Betty Bayliss came over this morning to talk about this year's HODs ~ after last year's event when Kate was here all weekend and no way could I have managed without her, I told Betty and the Civic Society THAT WAS IT ~ I am just too old to organise any more open days ~ however, it seems that since the Secret Britain program, the Tourist Office has been getting so many requestd about which yards appeared in the film that it would be sensible to open Clarks Yard again this year while the interest is so strong ~ Betty promised to find me helpers and so I agreed ~ but this really must be the last time.   I have to admit, it is always fun and people are so interested in the history of the yard and the life of those who lived in it, so let's hope I can cope ~ looking back, last year's event was a couple of weeks before my hip replacement and at that time I could scarcely shuffle across the kitchen ~ also, thanks almost entirely to Richard Eshelby and Jack, both house and garden are in better shape than they have ever been ~ so, what the hell ~ I'll give it a go and hope it doesn't kill me ~ most years we've had around 150 folk through our properties over the two days.

Such friendly people in no. 7 this week ~ John and Lesley ~ he carried the new blue bin across to far corner of garden where it is inconspicuous among the trees, and today they bought me three more plant pots (and wouldn't let me pay for them) and the most luscious tart for supper with strawberries, peach slices, mandarin segments all on a rich pastry base thick with some kind of custard !   Um ~ yummy !  

Ellen popped by to pick up her birthday present (six weeks late) ~ one of the MINI MALLOW plants I'd ordered from Thompson & Morgan ~ there was no other compost left in the shed but fortunately I'd a block of coconut fibre stuff from Fair Trade which has to be soaked in water for 24 hours and which should then produce 10 litres of compost so that is out on the bench tonight looking (I'm afraid) like a tubful of shit !

Saturday afternoon :   It's been pouring all day but seems to have cleared up now and it will be doing the garden good especially my new camomile plants.   Was afraid the coconut compost would be drowned but managed to make a kind-of a lid for the  bowl it is in ~ I think I added too much water anyway as it does seem very runny still, will have to mix it with soil when I plant mini mallows ~ one for me, one for Georgie next time I see her.

Sue came in offering to give me a tarot reading (a nice change, it's always the other way round) but in the end we made coffee and talked for an hour and more ~ she is blown away by her emerging psychic talents in cluding reading the tarot ~ she says she will take the Heritage Open Days weekend off and help me so that's a blessing.   I need eight helpers in all ~ two at each of the four sessions ~ 11-1pm and 2-4pm both days ~ hopefully with Sue and various Civic Society helpers we'll cope.   Must check the date ~ usually the second weekend in September, and of course it's a nation-wide event ~ while John was in charge in Whitby he had 17 venues, I seem to remember, and between us could be certain of 3,000 + visitors.

I'm feeling rather limp this afternoon but realise it has been a busy week ~ Lucy came to tell me about her forthcoming move; Barbara was here one afternoon for a lively chat;Tuesday I was off to Bridlington for eye injection which takes most of the day what with waiting for Patient Transport there and bac;, Susan Harty popped in one morning and was here for an hour and more; Wednesday Richard and Jack came to do the garden and made such a brilliant difference to the stepping stone area; Thursday my Georgie was here bringing flowers and much laughter; Friday Betty Bayliss came to try to persuade me top participate in HODs again, and today Sue was here !    There was also a visit from Ellen, and the other Betty, our newly discovered friend from NZ ~ so small wonder today I'm feeling my age ~ Peter & Margaret (the owners of number 7) are here for the weekend; David Matthews and his family are in number 4  for Alison's birthday; and at the bottom of the yard Jane and Chris are here too ~ in fact the yard is fairly bursting with house owners, NOT visitors.


Shit stirring ! The Fair Trade coconut compost soaking ready for use ~ I have to admit it does look fairly disgusting !