High summer ~ a carpet of bluebells around the silver birches !

Wash day in Denmark ~ from postcard which I've now lost

Midsummer Morning

Washing by hedge ~ another postcard

And sister Mary's birthday ~ she tells me they are off to France for a few days, she and Clifford ~ they certainly get around ~ they've been to South Africa and Spain already this year ~ apart from anything else, although Mary is a good ten years younger than me (number five of the seven of us) I don't know where she gets the energy !   Mind you, she still plays tennis out in Jersey, serious tennis, that is, throughout the year.   Thinking about it this morning, I can't imagine how Mother coped with all of us, and for many years Granny Proctor besides !

As usual, Giles Fraser's  Loose Canon column in Saturday's Guardian makes you think ~ he had an interesting topic a couple of weeks back about a vicar who had a sex change and the furore this caused as to whether or not SHE could retain HIS role in the church ~ this was way back before women were accepted as clergy.   By chance, yesterday, clearing out old email, I came upon a couple of letters on the subject that I wrote to the Guardian one of which was published but I can't remember which ~ rather good letters I thought ~ I'll copy them out here so the squeamish had best look away !

Willies & Wallets  ~ 20th July 2009  ~ Mainly because of the Church's obsession with sex ~ virginity, celebacy, homosexuality, women priests ~ I'm not a Christian, but Giles Fraser's piece was truly a breath of fresh air ~ a Churchman putting sex in perspective.

Unfortunately I cannot remember what that piece was about but his stuff is always down-to-earth.

And the other lette r. . . and exactly the scenario GF was on about

Bishops' Pricks ! ~  6th July 2012  ~ As it seems to be all about the penis, what if a priest had a sex change, would the brotherhood accept him/her ?   

I think that one was published.

Not long ago I sent for a lovely soft brown v-neck jersey ~ I got it out again yesterday only to find that after two washes the darned thig was shedding clumps of brown wool all over the place ~ it was such a mess I've had to hoover the kitchen and my bedroom and will tackle the rest tomorrow ~ the jersey has gone out into the bin ~  I seem to remember it came from Amazon and cost something ridiculous like £8 ~ that'll larn me !

It was on a midsummer morning some years back that my friend Lalage and I got ourselves up onto the clifftop beyond St Mary's Church soon after 4.0am to witness the sunrise ~ I wrote about it and the article appeared (if I remember) in Mensa Magazine ~ I copied it into my first blog  www.joypeach.com  which is now full ~ I'll see if I can find it for you ~ right, here we are : see page 206  June 8th (last year) ~ I must phone Lalage who is now in her nineties and remind her !

Tuesday morning : (and pouring) ~ people are telling me that they are finding it difficult to access this blog ~ my second simplesite identity doesn't seem to be working on Google ~ you could try ' joypeach2'   but I am hoping for help from simplesite customer services ~ obviously it's pretty pointless telling you this if you are not with me, but some of you must be, I think, as visit numbers are increasing slowly but steadily.  

Later: Wonderful news ~ Kate had read on the blog that I have agreed to open the cottage over Heritage weekend again, and is offering to come over as she did last year to organise the whole event which means I will only have to sit there telling the history of the house and the people who built it, while she organises our team of helpers ~ I have said that I will TRY to find enough helpers but to know that she would come, and happily, if needed is a great blessing ~ thank you, Kate ~ she is a conservationist with Halifax Council, so this sort of thing is absolutely up her street !   Praise the Lord !