Rainbow Polo shirts ~ in chromatic order ~ Fruit of the Loom are the softest I've found.

Aertex Shirts ~ remember ?

The new mallow by the high wall ~ glorious !

Whoops !   Started this on Friday but it has taken until today Sunday 12th to get back to it !   Partly the heat, but mainly struggling to understand SparkTrust computer cleansing ~ £19 pa plus vat ~ yesterday it claimed to have found and deleted over 8,000 dodgy items and even as I switched on this morning it was signalling more problems to be deleted ~ all very fine except a scan and then the cleaning takes about half-an-hour and even then the computer has to be shut down and restarted which is all hassle but sounds as if I did need cleaning out !    Mind, I'm also signed up to AVG so between them my system should be in good nick.

I was reading something recently in which there were constant references to AERTEX SHIRTS ~ everyone wore them in my day ~ at school, for sport, everywhere.   Suddenly remembered how wonderfully comfortable aertex was, and looked it up on Google ~ now an aertex shirt is practically unobtainable ~ I did find one that a collector was selling, a baby's one for £20+ !   That's when it occurred to me that the Polo Shirt is the modern Aertex and I went mad and bought a full dozen in every colour of the rainbow, and I wear them every day.   Pull-on cords and baggy polo shirts, that's me !    Now I'm wondering whether I am developing  that manic condition ~ compulsive-obsessive syndrome ~ or maybe I've had it all along ~  I mean, I have to hang the polo shirts in chromatic sequence ~ yes, honestly !  And I know it's pathic but . . .    I took a photo of them all on their rack in the attic ~ and I fear it's not only the polo shirts, but in everything ~ must try and control the terrible urge to create symmetry and order ~ mind you, this does not mean the house is spotless and highly organised, but in many ways I am afraid this is true.

Made one of my favourite meals yesterday, with enough for tonight as well : brown rice, and while it is cooking I fry a finely chopped onion and several cloves of garlic in a little oil with a teaspoonful of sugar, stir all together with a tin of red kidney beans drained and rinsed, and a good pinch of herbs and serve with purple sprouting broccoli ~ I promise you, the food of the Gods.

Having persuaded Annie to read "Precious Bane" which she loved, I decided it was time to read it again myself and although I must have read it a dozen times since College days, I now can't put it down ~ how marvellous to write something so powerful and moving that generations to come will bless you for it.

As for Heritage Open Days, I have decided not to bother with anyone upstairs ~ the visitors all go up in twos or threes so surely none of them would wreck the place or nick my nick-nacks ~ that way, for each of the four sessions I will only need a friend out on the yard to control the crowds (!!!) as they wait to come indoors, and to entertain them with brief history of the yards in general, Clarks Yard in particular, and number 6, the Sanders House ~ I've factsheets from previous year ~ if Kate does come over for the weekend, that would be great, but I don't want her to feel she MUST come to rescue Mother, though she says it was fun last year and she's happy to come again ~ but with her full-time job in Halifax and her family, it's a lot to ask ~ we'll see.

The MALLOW that I bought from Thompson & Morgan back in May is really flourishing against the high wall and covered in flowers ~ Richard Eshelby says he'll train it up the wall for me next time he's here, otherwise it will flop over.

This is the busy week of the month ~ Sue coming in the morning, apart from her help, she has become a real friend and we always have a good natter over coffee, to Bridlington Eye Clinic on Tuesday, and to Saul Black on Thursday to get my toe nails cut ~ if these are the highlights, you can see what a small life I lead but somehow full of colour and magic !

My poor Georgie has suffered from Solar Eczma for years, since her year out in Australia when she was 17 ~ a Top Specialist prescribed some gunge that had to be smeared on her legs every night after her bath, and then wrapped in bandages like a bloody Egyptian Mummy ~ she's had builders in and the house upside down recently and this ointment was temporarily buried under clutter,  so for a couple of weeks she was not able to go through this rigmarole and ~ wait for it ~ the problem at last seems to have cleared up !    So much for your experts !   And if the improvement lasts, WHAT A BLESSING !

Monday 13th : to Bridlington tomorrow so probably wont get back to you before Wednesday ~ the injection and all the drops that go with it leave me practically blind for the rest of the day.