Steve our wonderful Postie in one of the new PO sun hats ~ along with Paddington in his !!

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Helen's brave account of the persecution she suffered at the hands of the Elders of Church of Scotland

Joyce Stangoe brought me a disk that the BBC had sent, one for each of us, of the Secret Britain program ~ Whitby Yards item ~ haven't looked at it yet as after trip to Bridlington my eyes weren't up to much last night ~ good to have a record of the Great Event !!

Wednesday afternoon : At last I've taken a photo of our lovely postman, Steve, in one of the new PO sun hats ~ and he does look a lot like Paddfington Bear, don't you think ?   Eyes working properly again after all the treatment at Bridlington yesterday ~ here's a funny thing ~ I am frequently seeing a small bright light which darts around  ~ delightful, really ~ mentioned it to one of Eye Team who says the eyes compensate in some weird way for failing sight ~ people see all manner of things : a cat, a dog, a star, a flower ~ maybe this accounts for some visions, even the odd haunting !   Mine is a fairly inoccuous little bauble, and glowing ~ but nothing to worry about, I'm told ~ just another feature of getting old.

The computer is very slow these days and every few minutes the message comes up : yahoo is not responding . . .  restore web page ~ maybe I should get Cheryl in to check it over for me ~ the other message that comes on screen is BT is running out of memory  (much like me !) ~ trouble is, when I am told to delete add-ons, I'm not sure what an add-on is !

Friday morning: I'm reading this astonishing book HELEN PERCY, dear friend of Annie and Chris Dove ~ the book "Scandalous, Immoral and Improper ~ the trial of Helen Percy" is indeed a shocking account of her trial by the Elders of the Church of Scotland FOR BEING RAPED !!!   It is a medieval tale though it is Edinburgh in the 1990s we are talking about ~ a modern version of persecution and abuse by male leaders of the Church of Scotland, akin to those primitive cultures where a woman deemed to have commited adultery is stoned to death EVEN WHEN SHE HAS BEEN RAPED while the man involves gets away with his crime and lives to do it again.

In Helen's case, the Elders bandy such words about as SIN and ADFULTERY ~ and it is not the perpetrator in the dock but Helen Percy a dedicated though unconventional parish priest.   A horrifying story which it is hard to believe refers to the upright/uptight elders of the Kirk as recently as the 1990s and their outrage at Helen's supposed crime !   For Heaven's sake, in this day and age, when divorce and adultery are to be found in every street, how can these learned gentlemen be so prejudiced and indeed cruel especially as Helen herself had not SINNED (as they so quaintly call it) but had been sinned against by a respected member of her congregation, i.e RAPED !  Somehow inspite of such terrifying injustice which leads to her being struck off, Helen Percy tells the story with wit and passion ~ I am finding it unputdownable !   After meeingt Helen last week (remember the odd psychedelic boot laces, one orange, one bright green) I found a copy of her book on Amazon for a couple of quid plus postage.

Having been barred from practicing ever again as a parish priest, she spent some time out in Africa doing her best to help the many abused and raped women there.   She also had the courage to take the Church of Scotland to the European Court of Human Rights AND WON her case and considerable compensation from those vicious chauvinists, the self-righteous Elders who because of her youth, her vitality, her commitment and her unconventionality, set out to destroy her by any means possible, no matter how unfair and untrue ~ I hope that after so much suffering and misrepresentation, her victory was given as much coverage in the Scottish media, fuelled by the wrath of the rapist's wife plus the hatred of her fellow minister ,as was  her "outrageous sin" !    The outrageous sin of BEING RAPED !   Helen is now a shepherd, a happy shepherdess by the sound of it, tending a very different flock up in wildest Perthshire.