The gorgeous bunch of flowers Georgie brought, bless her !

Memory sticks

Lakeland's wonderful Orange Oil Wood Polish

I have a couple of memory sticks but I'm not sure how to use them ~ I plug one in, click on files I want to copy but then get in a muddle ~ I need to clear some stuff out as that message still keeps popping up : "Memory is running low" ~ asked Ellen, but she hasn't used one, was going to ask Kate, and then it occurred to me that the files I was intending to save are my diaries from 2007 up till last year ~ I have not referred to any of them over all this time, not once, so on a whim decided not to copy but DELETE them which has given me acres of space but hope I don't come to regret it. "What's done is done, said Fritzle,"  as Mother used to say quoting I-know-not-what.

Any time now we are promised to be upgraded to Windows 10 ~ I've just checked the situation to be told this is the largest upgrading ever undertaken so it might be a day or two before I get it ~ just hope I can then install it successfully ~ I'm already having a problem installing AVG security ~ they send me friendly reminders just about every day "Joy, please install your AVG upgrade . . . "   Trouble is, apart from being a bit slow in the uptake, my eye sight is very poor and I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing.   Must click on AVG HELP line tomorrow.

As, following her shoulder op, she can't drive yet Bill brought Georgie over from Driffield yesterday ~ it was lovely to see her and she brought me a beautiful bunch of flowers, WHITE flowers (see pic).   Saturday night treat is "The Edwardian Farm" on BBC2 ~ absolutely marvellous ~ and how knowledgeable everybody needed to be to cope ~ no wonder so many suffer from psychological problems today ~ their jobs are not demanding in the same way ~ we have nowhere near the same quality of job satisfaction ~ happiness comes from challenge, don't you think, and having a meaningful day's work ahead, and having slightly more to do than you can cope with.   Working for Hampshire County Council was enough to drive anybody mad ~ too little to do for much of the year, and what there was was mostly meaningless pointless waffle.   (see "Solitaire")   Perhaps I'll look out one of the early articles I had in The Guardian about this.   Anyway, The Edwardian Farm is absolutely fascinating ~ self sufficiency with a vengeance.   And "Country File" on Sunday evenings is equally enlightening ~ I do wish my dear old Walter was still around to enjoy both ~ he was self sufficent to an enormous measure ~ even in his eighties, this Cambridge Senior Wrangler, Brigadier Greenway, was knitting his own jersies to his own colourful geometric patterns, and socks ~ he liked nothing so much as using up one thing to make another ~ serious recycling ~ he made a splendid dining table out of pews that had been thrown out of a deconsecrated church ~ he was never quite comfortable until he'd made enough marmalade to keep him going through the year with extra pots for friends ~ and right up to the end well into his nineties he was still a volunteer at Singleton Open Air Museum ~ what a man, what a friend, dear old Walter.

Tuesday morning: Another glorious morning but terrifically windy so hope washing doesn't fly off over Annie's roof and away across the Abbey Plain.   I heard yesterday that our very handy Church Street post office is to be closed down by Government decree and a P.O. counter provided in one of the shops, probably Andersons paper shop which is always busy ~ poor old Brian was happy to go on until he dropped but has no say in the matter ~ mind, he is 81 and has been running the business since he retired as a Detective Inspector with Yorkshire Police.   Golly ~ he will be sorely missed by everybody on this side of the river ~ at least they are not expecting us to go across to the PO counter in the Co-op ~ progress, what !

Now, today is a red letter day in this blogger's life ~ all the time I've been writing THIS second blog I have been keeping an eye on the visits to the first one ~ last night I saw that  249,999 of you had clicked onto that blog ( "My House, My Home" ) and this morning ~ can you believe it ~ the score is a cool, an incredible  250,110  in other words, A QUARTER OF A MILLION !!!   I know this does not mean I have I have a quarter of a million followers, but it does mean that enough of you have liked what you've found on my blog and returned time after time to read more !   Amazing, surely, for one little old woman with no celebrity or selling point to entice you !   A QUARTER OF A BLOODY MILLION !!!   And I hope they all transfer their loyalty to this the follow-on blog

I was having a frightful struggle inserting the new batteries into the kitchen radio, right ?   I'm glad of them in a power cut, but more to the point when I'm doing the ironing ~ using an adaptor in that socket in the kitchen is impossible ~ the racking on the wall above is too near the socket ~ so when the iron is plugged in I can't put the radio on ~ last week I had to admit the old batteries were  exhausted and bought  new ones from Andersons when I went down for the Saturday Guardian ~ all-but £15 for the six ! ~ but could I fit them in ?  No way !!   I had decided to ask Steve the Postie but yesterday David was here again busy in number 4 and he installed the batteries for me, bless him, though even he had a bit of a struggle, they are such a tight fir.

That radio was the first thing I bought when I came up to Whitby in the depth of winter in 1987 ~ Tony Oakes of HOMEFREE fame had hardly made a start on the work he was doing on this house which was supposed to be finished by then, in fact when I arrived it was nothing more than a shell ~ no windows, no internal doors ~ nothing done at all although three months earlier when I bought the property from him on my first visit he had assured me all would be done and dusted by the New Year.   We'd left North View just before Christmas 1986, Kate and I ~ my sister Nancy had very nobly driven up from Somerton to take us back there for Christmas ~ I stayed with Mum and Dad, Kate with Nancy and her girls Julia and Jessica.  Will came down for Christmas, I seem to remember, but then went back to his digs in Leicester where he was studying Ecology which would lead on to his Ph.D in Ornithology and a career with the RSPB.

On Boxing Day 1986 I got myself back to Winchester to stay with Fred ready to set off next day from Luton airport for a week in Spain ~ marvellous,but more about that anon ~ a week later landing back at Luton, Fred dropped me off in St Albans where brother Steve and Diane lived ~ it was Mother's 80th birthday on the 15th but fortunately as it turned out Nancy had arranged a party for her in a Somerton pub the Sunday before, the 11th ~ by the 15th the country was in the grip of winter and nobody could have got there : the snow was starting to fall as we set off back to St Albansafter the party in what proved to be the start of that ferocious winter which lasted right through to March.   

On Saturday 17th Stephen saw me onto the train for York, Durham and Middlesborough en route to Whitby.   They had been very good to me for the ten days I was with them, and though we seem to have fallen out since, I cannot forget this kindness.   The last leg of the journey on the line from Middlesbrough to Whitby was much like travelling through the Alps in dead of winter ~ I began to wonder what the hell I was thinking of, moving up here where I didn't know a soul ~ luckily at that time I had no idea of the battles that lay ahead.


Sockets for portable phone and radio ~ because of racking there is no room for adaptor so while I'm ironing the radio runs on its batteries.