Ashford-in-the-Water village school where I spent one disastrous term immediately after we were married but discovering that Richard was on the way, I was thankful to give in my notice at half term ~ and the headmaster was thankful too !

Threading needles

Even 15 infants were too much for me !

 Oh, Lordy !   I definitely have shrunk ~ my summer trousers are all too long and I'm catching the hems in my shoes ~ decided to spens an hour turning them up but cannot for the life of me thread a needle, not even with one of those natty wire needle threaders ~ I can't even thread that !   Friendly people next door so will try and catch her before they go back home today, otherwise Ellen ~ "please thread up half-a-dozen needles for me ..."   I really am falling apart : Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, (and very soon) sans everything !  

After her shoulder op (to shave off a spur of bone) Georgie has been signed off work for a third week and she is really sounding so much brighter ~ I worry about both of my girls and the pressure of having a full time job with a house to run and in Kate's case a family to care for.   When I was working full time in the lowliest of roles in the Education Department of Hampshire County Council it nearly killed me ~ especially in school holidays when the Advisors were all on leave and we their support staff had virtually nothing to do ~ "just try and look busy," I was told when I asked for six weeks unpaid leave.   "If we allow you six weeks off it will seem that the department is over-staffed."   Which it was, of course.   The dreariness of turning up for a day of pissing about, pretending to be usefully occupied was deeply depressing, especially when I knew there was so much I should be getting on with at home.  Once, with summer holidays coming up, I asked the doctor for a sick note ~ he was absolutely outraged and drummed me out of his consulting room pretty damn quick.   Funnily enough, though it wasn't really funny at all, within a couple of days I had dislocated my sacroilliac and did spend most of August at home, in agony, lying flat on the floor for much of the time !  

Another example of taking care WHAT you wish for : six weeks off work, or as in our Mother's case, after they'd moved to Bristol with David and me, praying for another baby ~ praying in St Stephen's Church in the centre of town, and ending up with FIVE more ~ she told me this once when I'd asked where brother Stephen's name came from ~ all the rest of us had family names ~ Angus family names, that is ~ David, Joy, (STEPHEN) , Nancy, Mary, William and Helen ~ be very careful what you pray for ~ your prayer might be answered !

Yesterday the message came through that my  windows  10  was ready for me to install~ it was after 8pm when I got round to it, and 11.45 by the time I'd finished ~

Saturday 9.45pm :can't seem to get going on this tonight ~ I am making progress with windows 10 and in some respects it is excellent, but not all ~ for example, I seem to have lost the tool bar which enables me to zoom in and out ~ hope I can recover it in the morning.

Kate and family are down in Derbyshire tonight which is where Alan came from ~ in Ashford-in-the-Water which is where I was teaching after we were married during our first term in Buxton ~ but having supposedly trained to teach Secondary kids, and failed dismally, I then worked for a year at Monks Kirby Junior School near Rugby, where I was viretually sacked by the CEO (see Solitaire), and  even with a class of 15 infants I was a total disaster ~ the Headmaster must have given a sigh of relief when I left at Christmas, already expecting Richard who was born exactly nine months after our wedding (in case you are jumping to conclusions).

No more tonight ~ a) I'm tired, and b) it's stillsweltering hot, and c) this blog keeps playing funnt tricks ~ I'll try again tomorrow.

Sunday 9th 9pm: another sweltering day ~ thanks to Patricia who threaded up half-a-dozen needles for me the other day, I managed to turn up hems of my nice new blue/white striped trousers ~ in spite of my poor eye sight I think I made a pretty good job of it, counting along the stripes !   Ellen came in later and kindly threaded up another four needles in case I need to do any more sewing ~ I'll try to always keep a couple of threaded needles in the sewing box.

Was just sitting down to watch Country File when spotted a fellow lurking outside so went out to speak to him and he was another visitor (this time from Warrington, I think he said) sussing out the yards that were featured in the TV program ~ amazing the interest it has raised !  Think I already mention that Betty sent message that the Whitby list of venues on the HODs website  does now include Clarks Yard ~ do hope Kate will be able to come and help ~ they were suggesting taking a cottage for the weekend, all four of them.

Georgie returns to work tomorrow after three weeks sick leave following her shoulder operation ~ the break has done her a power of good, bless her ~ it must be thirty years since she had three weeks leave ~ the pain of the op and after-effects did not last too long, and on Friday having a test run, she was able to drive to Beverley without any problems, so that's good.

Monday morning and not getting on very well ~ Kate has sent photos of Ashford-in-the-Water school etc so will add one here and then close this entry down.