Harvest time

Moaning Minny !!

Ben looking rather cool !


Oh dear ~ having suffered her moaning and self-pity for years and tried to help her, I've finally had enough, and although it sounds cruel, heartless, uncaring ~ if Lucy cannot start looking on the bright side of life, counting her blessings, then that's it !!      We've been through this time and again but nothing makes the slightest difference ~ and yet she has a nice flat, a reasonable pension, a car ~ she goes away for holidays ~ it's true that she's not well but a negative attitude might be at the root of her health problems.  It's OK ~ her name is not LUCY and she doesn't read my blog ~ you cannot go through life eaten up by self-pity  because maybe your mother didn't like you, or you never found a husband, or you failed the bloody Eleven Plus ~  nothing can be done on those fronts but surely the past need not ruin the rest of her life !  I do feel a little guilty at abandoning her to her miseries, but no doubt she'll find someone else to listen to her tales of woe.  She fairly wallows in it, her self-pity ~ silly woman.

Friday 14th: Now, where was I ?  Saturday 15th: Oh dear ~ when I sat down to write something last night the blog kept blanking out ~ after four or five attempts, a message came through from SimpleSite my providers to advise me to switch off while they tried to sort the problem out ~ so far today all seems to be working normally so fingers crossed.

So much JEREMY CORBYN debate ~ quite frankly if I voted Labour it is Jeremy I would vote for ~ small wonders he is getting huge audiences up and down the country including in Scotland where the Labour Party were virtually wiped out at the recent General Election ~ suddenly a real live character comes on stage ~ not another pale Tony Blair clone ~ wonderfully inspiring and refreshing ~ in the polls he has an amazing 57% of the labour vote which is driving his fellow leadership candidates and past Labour Bigwigs into a terrified frenzy ~ after all, New Labour was in truth nothing more than the Tony Blair Party ~ this chap seems to have no vanity, no self-delusion, no soaring ambition on his own behalf ~ no wonder they've all got their knickers in a twist !

Before I forget, yesterday it was my regular appointment with Saul Black L.C. CH.Pod plus a whole list of other qualifications, Chiropodist and Podiatrist, to get my toe nails cut ~ I really can not reach my toes these days, and even if I could, I could not see to cut them.   It's about two years now since I started to use his service and although I have to pay (£25 per visit) it is well worth it ~ when I first began to need help with this the doctor gave me a chitty to see the Chiropodist on the NHS but she was only prepared to see me every twelve weekes !   TWELVE WEEKS !    What use is that ~ my toe nails would be poking through my shoe leather.   "How often do you cut your own toe nails ?" I asked.   "Every five or six weeks . . . "   Well then !    She reckoned she was too busy to treat anyone more frequently but the times I did go to her clinic there was no sign of anyone else either waiting or being seen to ~ though she still made me wait till the exact time of my appointment ~ 10.30 or whatever.

But back to Saul Black ~ he is not only very highly qualified (LC CH Pod,FPS Pract, BSYA Chirop,HCPC Registered, Chiropodist and Podiatrist), but friendly and chatty though I do sometimes have a little scream when he's dealing with a persistent in-growing nail .   There is a shop attached to his surgery, Natural Origins where you can find an astonishing variety of natural healing products, and Saul's assistant Bev seems really clued up about the uses and benefits of them all.   Saul gave me permission to put his website here on my blog in case any of you are interested in seeing what he has on offer ~ a mail order service is available ~ find him on   www.naturaloriginswhitby.co.uk or email him at  naturalorigins@hotmail.com   Give him a try.

All this is by-the-by as I was supposed to be carrying on answering Ellen's question : Why did I come to Whitby ?   Must go and make a cup of tea before I get round to that . . . back later.

Sunday 16th: Ben's 20th birthday ~ he is doing well at Birmingham Uni and about to start his final year ~ he is thinking of a career in the Police, Detective Inspector ~ a new one for our family.

Won't go into long story of how I came to Whitby except to say that having considered York and Shrewesbury and the Norfolk coast which were all cheap areas for housing, I finally and on a whim came up to Whitby a place I only knew of from Caedmon, St Hilda, Songs of Praise and that series "Six English Towns".    I had to borrow the train fare from my father, with enough to stay one night ~ this was the first property I looked at and it wasn't in the hands of an agent which should maybe have set alarm bells ringing, buying it from the builder who was renovating TONY OAKES.   It was supposed to cost £30,000 but it quickly became clear that he had every intention of getting every last penny of the price I had got for North View out of me, which is where my troubles began.    To be continued . . .


Three little maids from school

And Benji aged about five