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VE Day remembered

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 A marvellously evocative program on Saturday night ~ memories of VE Day by a dozen and more oldies ~ gripping for anyone of my age who was there at the time but still a child and too young to understand ~ I was absolutely hooked and watched intensely from 9.0-10.45 too engrossed even to pop upstairs for a wee !   In fact it was also the anniversary of the dropping of the ATOMIC BOMBS seventy years ago which brought the war with Japan to a sudden end too.   Saturday nigh TV at the minute is really  good ~ Ch/4 News at 6.40 > switch to BBC2 for Proms  I betterExtra and then The Edwardian Farm followed by good old Dad's Army ~ and this week the extra treat of those VE Day memories ~ wonderful !

Various quotes keep coming to mind regarding my erstwhile friend Lucy :   Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone ~ always look on the bright side of life ~ the fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves that we are underlings ~ etc etc ~ but she was impervious to all of them, frankly WALLOWING in her self-pity !   [I did try, for a good many years, I did try to jolly her along, but to no avail.]

One of her great laments was that she'd made a mistake, taken a wrong decision !   For Heaven's sake, aren't we all making mistakes all the time ~ but hopefully most of us are learning from them and surviving them.   My life has been a series of GREAT BIG MISTAKES but I seem to have won through.   Apart from deciding to go into teaching, and getting married, my next serious mistake was in giving up my chance to train as a Probate Clerk after our divorce which although drear beyond believe would have guaranteed me a modest income.   I wrote an article for The Guardian about this way back in 1978 "Jumping off the Treadmill" which I quoted in the original blog : www.joypeach.com number 136 October 30th 2013 ~ flip back and take a look ~ it sounds so bold, so promising when my stupidity in giving up a steady job led to years of poverty (several of which poor William and Kate were forced to share) and from which I have only now recovered in my dotage !   The article was later included in a Penguin anthology  which was quite something ! 

Oh no !   It's done it again !    Wednesday evening and all tonight's entry has disappeared !   I think I'll leave it for now and send SOS to SimpleSite . . .

Thursday 20th : Let's see whether I can get going today . . . Natie gets her O Level resuts today ~ will phone her later.  I am trying to get a reproduction of this wonderful painting ~ The Dixton Harvesters ~ painted in 1715 for Lord of Dixton Manor in Gloucestershie # with illustrations of all the various harvesting activities

Sunday 23rd August ~ I believe this was our wedding day 59 years ago !!  At last the computer is working properly again ~ but too hot to start anything tonight ~ hopefrlly I'll get back into my stride tomorrow.