Haymaking in bygone times !

Eric Ravilious painted this harvest scene at Furlongs, where the atist (my aunt) Peggy Angus lived for sixty years on the South Downs above Glynde (Glyndebourne)

Still Struggling !



Oh dear ~ I'm still struggling with windows10 ~ I've booked Cheryl from Computer Conversion to come and sort me out first thing next Monday ~ she's on holiday this week ~ there are several problems ~ on email typing is very erratic and half the letters are missed out, words run together and I have to go over and over it to check and correct text ~ and I seem to have lost the ZOOM feature which was absolutely vital with my poor eyesight ~ I keep getting this "Memory full" message, or "No space in memory" and instructions to delete downloads but I'm not sure what is what and what can be safely deleted ~ and now I discover I can no longer transfer photos from camera to computer to illustrate this blog !   All uttewrly infuriating so let's hope Cheryl can set me straight ~ maybe I should not have opted to switch to  windows 10  and should switch back to  windows 7  # which was working perfectly.

Such an interesting man staying at no 3 ~ Barry ~ I chatted to him out on yard yesterday and today he came in and told me pretty horrifying stories about his life as a miner ~ he is in Whitby with all his family including ten children below the age of eleven ~ they are in other rented cottages around the town and all love Whitby and come every year, since his own were small.

Sue didn't come this morning as she was needed again in the shop ~ she'll come tomorrow instead ~ I took the opportunity to clear out shed and rearrange things ~ frightful muddle on yard all day as floor dried in there but all now neatly back ~ that's a useful job done ~ there are several tins of paint which could go in the cupboard under the stairs but I think I'll wait till Richard comes next ~ I don't think I can crawl into cupboard with heavy tins.

The newly planted pots look great but can't access pictures yet.   The good news is that Barbara is back from Braemar and had a very good time ~ now eight weeks after breaking her ankle she is still on crutches but the Hotel had given her a room with a super view and took good care of her ~ was so pleased to see her coming up the yard yesterday with only one crutch ~ Ellen was here as well with Toby so all sat out on bench catching up with news ~ Toby was a great help watering the garden for me.

Anthea brought me round an interesting book by a friend of hers : A Swarming of Bees by Theresa Tomlinson who has written several children's books all based on local history ~ this one is for adults and is about our Monastry in the time of Hilda ~ an enormous amount of research must have gone into it ~ a gripping read .

All last week while I couldn't get on on the computer I set to and spring cleaned one  small area each day ~ a drawer, a shelf, an alcove, a cupboard or whatever.  On Friday it was the small carved table beside the sitting room fire I was tackling ~ I cleared all the books out onto the bench to brush them down, got the table outside to polish/feed it with that lovely orange oil, I hoovered the area it stands in and discovered that a couple of years ago when someone had installed a new double socket there for the new electric fire, the wall had been left a mess ~ David was busy down in number 4 and rather cheekily I asked if he had a lick of paint to spare ~ bless him, he not only provided the paint but came and scraped wall down, hoovered up old plaster and painted over the bare patch for me ~ he is such a friendly neighbout.   Then Betty turned up on her way to give a dozen or so books to Bridget for the charity book stall she was running next day ~ I have been intending to start getting rid of books,f advertising them on the "whitbyforsale" website but when she saw the piles of books out on the bench she rang Bridget and before long someone came in a car and collected a hundred or more including  about fifty of Alexander McCall Smith's ~ John and I were very keen on his novels and indeed used to buy each other another one for birthdays and Christmases but delightful as they are, they are not books that I would read again.   So that was a very useful operation and made quite a lot of space on sitting room and bedroom shelves.  

Time for a bath while corn on the cob roasts for supper ~ but at least I'm back in businesst !

Tuesday 25th: at least I hope I am ~ have just lost a good chunk of text ~ infuriating !  Let's try again ~ it seems the emails I wrote last night arrived without TEXT !    And I cannot download pics from camera.  Everything is dead slow.   Typing goes haywire and only the odd letter appears on screen.   Maybe I should have stayed with  windows 7  which worked a treat ~ let's hope Cheryl can sort me out ~ I'd forgotten it was Bank Holiday Monday and Graham had forgotten too ~ booked a slot on Tuesday afternoon instead.

Yesterday while I was getting the washing in there was a party of Japanese students in the yard ~ they too had seen the TV programme and were thus encouraged to explore !   There is a friendly chap staying at number 3 ~ Terry ~ we spoke a couple of times out on the yard and then he came in and told me about his life as a miner ~ fascinating stuff ~ he has been coming to Whitby every summer since his three children were small and they are now all in their fifties and here with children and grandchildren of their own, staying in three nearby cottages ~ ten children under eleven !   There are always interesting folk in the yard, wandering up or staying in one of the cottages.   Even though these days I am more or less yard bound, there is plenty of colourful life around.

While for the moment  I can't give you new pictures, of my freshly planted flowerr pots for instance, I will see if I can add a simple harvest scene . . .I do hope Cheryl can get the camera operating again ~ having never really had a camera I am so enjoying the illustrations I choose for my blogs !

Wednesday 26th: Don't think I mentioned my Tuesday Chore ~ while Sue was whizzing round vacuuming upstairs, I got everything out from cupboard under the sink (which I'm ashamed to say I have not dealt with EVER !) sorted it all, much of it old tins of polish, an old rag in a jam jar used for brasso, half-empty pots of cleaning productes ~ threw most of this away and having hoovered cupboard and mopped it down, restored it to order and discovered that there were no fewer than SIX unopened things of washing-up liquid when last week I thought I was running out ~ now all sweet and clean and nothing except Fairy Liquid, bleach, brasso and scrubbing brushes ~ I felt quite self-righteous !

Looks like I'm not going to have enough helpers for the Open Days ~ Kate will come if I'm stuck but I don't want to be a drag ~ if David and his family at number 4 will deal with YARD STORY I can then talk about the Sanders and this house as they come in to the sitting room a small group at a time, and unless more helpers turn up, I shall not allow people upstairs ~ Barbara will do a morning session for me upstairs, and Betty too out on the yard ~ so far no volunteers from the Civic Society in spite of assurances.


Home through the cornfield

Blonde comme le ble