Last year's Heritage Open Event in Clarks Yard ~ this year it was a different matter with rain bucketing down on Saturday and even a thunder storm ~ but the public kept coming !

Having survived . . .

Well ~ jolly good Open Days in spite of absolute downpour on Saturday and thunderstorm in the afternoon ~ Betty had come up trumps and found me SIX helpers who were indeed a tremendous help ~ all I had to do was sit there and tell people about the Sanders and other stories which I have to say they lapped up with glee ~ one group even clapped !   David Matthews was keeping a note of numbers and there were 50+ visitors on Saturday, and 60+ on Sunday and a toyal of 126 in all with another twenty or so who in the crush didn't sign in ~ a pretty good weekend !   Mind you, it must be the last time I undertake to do it ~ both evenings I was so exhausted by closing time I could scarcely cut myself a slice of bread and butter before collapsing in a heap.   But it was fun, and everybody was so interested and friendly.

David had his family here ~ his wife Alison and one of their two daughters, Sarah.  Sunday was his birthday, his 60th ~ gave him a card and a copy of "Nine Men's Morris" though it isn't really not a man's novel.  They  went back to Newcastle that evening but they were all of them wonderfully helpful ~ he put balloons up but what with the wind and rain they all eventually burst with astonishing BANGS ! ~ quite terrifying until we got used to the explosions.

Before we got started Dave Wharton popped in to say how pleased Theresa Tomlinson with my letter of appreciation in Friday's Gazette and she would like to meet me ~ I would certainly like to meet her, especially as I am now deep into another of her novels, this one set in an earlier period than Hilda's ~ around the fourth century, I think ~ I will check it.

Tuesday morning and bucketing down !

This morning I had agreed reluctantly / stupidly to a visit from the representative of a firm offering aids for aches and pains, though I did not know what their product was.  The bloke came at 10.30 and I made us coffee before he started on his Sales spiel ~ it wasn't oil or pills or meditation he was selling but a mattress stuffed with wires to massage the body from head to toe at whatever speed you chose ~ a frightful thing, hideous and enormous though Tony kept assuring me that this was the demonstration model and that if I bought the bloody thing, my mattress would be split open and all this computer stuff inserted ~ oh, p-lease !!   It's similar to that pad I was once persuaded to buy ~ can't remember what it was called ~ but in the same way it was programmed to vibrate and massage arthritic limbs ~ it was a darned nuisance ~ too big and unwieldy and too much fuss getting wired up each day ~ eventually gave it to my friend Jean who was suffering from arthritis and other problems though whether she found it useful or handed it on to someone else i do not know.   Kate said, "For heaven's sake, Mother, DON'T LET THE FELLOW UPSTAIRS ~ he might be a mad axe man " but the thing was so enormous there was nothing else for it but to test it on my bed ~ even before we'd started I told him I would not dream of having it in my house, in my bed ~ so he had to fold it up again into its enormous travelling bag and drag it downstairs and back to his car !   Poor man ~ it was as big and bulky as a single mattress and he'd had to park half way along Church Street !

I'm generally pretty fierce with cold callers especially those with Nigerian accents ~ if it's a recorded message I slam the phone down, if it's an actual human being I swear at them and then slam the phone down.   Well at least poor harmless Tony got a mug of coffee for his pains ~ he;d driven up from Hull ~ and a biscuit !

Hoping Cheryl would come and sort out the half dozen problems I'm left with after the switch back to windows 7  but Joseph rang to say he can probably fix them for me from the office but it's 5pm now so I guess it will be in the morning ~ none of them are serious but I do hope they can be fixed : I can no longer download photos from my camera for the blog ~ the background of the email screen is ORANGE ~ and the left/right arrows on that screen have disappeared which means it is a terrible business trying to read an email as half of it will be off screen ~ this damned FLIKA app has arrived and I can't get rid of it ~ it has thousands of photos on it but God knows where they are coming from but I certainly don't want them cluttering up my computer ~ let's hope Joseph gets through to me in the morning ~ it is amazing the way they can fix problems from afar !   Time to boil a few small spuds and make a salad ~ absolutely brilliant that Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader and with nearly 60% of votes ~ the other three candidates looked so sour and the two women have announced nothing would induce them to serve in his Shadow Cabinet ~ I really hope he surprises all these miserbale nay-sayers who are predicting disaster on every news bulletin ~ give the poor chap a chance ~ we are not used to honesty and integrity in our leaders ~ it's usually EGO and VANITY !   A very interesting situation here in the UK !

The radio serice on Sunday morning was from Rugby School with a fascinating sermon by (I think) the head master who, without reference to Jeremy Corbyn, reminded us of all those who have by their courage and independence brought about enormous change ~ Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ among them ~ citics keep referring to the fact that over his time in Parliament he has defied the Whips and the party line and voted with his conscience ~ 500 times !   Maybe this is what is needed ~ a leader who will not be bullied into going against his beliefs ~ should be interesting times ahead.

P.S. ~ email from our youngest sister Helen telling us that her daughter Charlie has given birth to twins ~ a boy and a girl ~ Charlie and her partner Louise are overjoyed ~ I'll see if I can unearth a picture of their gay wedding ~ they live in Cardiff but the delivery was in Gloucester Hospital as Cardiff did not have two incubators free !    Wonders never cease !

And on a more mundane note, Joseph from the Computer Centre has fixed all my problems by remote control !!    Absolutely brill !!


Eddy's sweet peas ~ much enjoyed and admired by all ~ thank you Eddy !

Eddy's sweet peas ~ much enjoyed and admired by all ~ thank you Eddy !