Luustleigh ~ probably 1935 ~ by Peggy Angus

Welcome back, Barbara !

So pleased that Barbara came in for a catch-up this afternoon ~ haven't had a good chat for weeks what with her broken ankle and Tina's trouble ~ to Saul the Footman to get toe nails cut ~ ferried there and back by Stuart in his Good Neighbours Community Transport hatr ~ Ellen came in too ~ I am not short of loving friends.

Another message from someone in Lustleigh ~ you can read it on the blog comments  ~ I've forwarded it on to my niece Jane Leaver as she inherited the picture from her father, our brother David ~ I'm pretty certain Peggy would have painted it on a visit down to our Mother in Lustleigh around 1935 as there is another one by Peggy done on the same visit of me in a high chair in the orchard of Higher-above-Ways ~ Iet's see if I can fish them out.

Sad news this morning ~ Annabel's sister Sally died in the night, peacefully in her sleep, in the hospice ~ she had been ill for ages and knew there was no hope of recovery, poor soul.   

On a brighter note, Barbara told me all about Veronica's wedding ~ the ceremony was held in St Mary's Church up on the cliff-top, the theme was sunflowers ~l the women were asked to wear a sunflower, the men wacky waistcoats ~ WOW !!    Even though it was a grey dreary day, they walked down the 199 steps afterwards to the reception ~ sounds wonderful ~ colourful and wacky !  Much like Veronica herself !

My friend Joan may turn up from Leeds later ~ I'm not sure how we became friends but she looks on us as sisters, so that's rather nice ~ she turns up once or twice a year usually unannounced ~ for once she phoned to let me know ~ her friend usually drives them over but this time they are coming by train ~ the friend has a small dog which dashes round peeing with excitement which is not so endearing especially as their last visit was on the day after the new kitchen carpet had been laid ~ grrrr !!

I had to go along to the post office to return parcel to Cotton Traders (a really horrid fleece) and to look for a card to send to Charlie and Lou on the birth of their twins but no TWIN cards anywhere ~ could not even find maybe TWO cuddly rabbits or TWO puppies !   What marvellous times we live in when not only are Gay Marriages accepted, but that with AID the couple can produce their own family.   And yet we were reminded on the TODAY programme that in some countries homosexuality is still punishable by death !   I'll see if I can attach the two PEGGY ANGUS paintings before I go down by the fire to carry on with Theresa Tomlinson's Anglo Saxon novel... The Tribute Bride ~ again, a wonderful story !

Saturday evening ~ 9.20pm : Well, there's a funny thing ~ the excpected JOAN from Leeds did not turn up yesterday, but another old friend JOAN from Redcar did !     The first of them phoned me to apologise for not turning up ~ it turned out that rather than come to Whitby on the CoastLiner bus, she and her friend were treating themselves to a trip on the steam train from Pickering which meant getting 9.30 train from Leeds to Malton I suppose, coach to Pickering, steam train through to Whitby arriving about 11.30 ~ but their return journey started at 2pm so by the time they'd had fish & chips, and done a bit of shopping it was time to get back to the station ~ although I would have enjoyed an hour with Joan I was not too keen on her large friend with her pocket-sized dog yapping and peeing all over the place.

Then this afternoon another JOAN turned up whom I hadn't seen for two or three years ~ Joan from Redcar ~ the first time we met was probably ten years ago when she came for a Tarot reading since when she's called in whenever she's in Whitby ~ she was born and brought up here, and comes regularly to visit her mother's grave ~ today she told me she is older than me, 83, and really a rather sad creature ~ her children are scattered far away, she is in a flat that she doesn't like with noisy neighbours but somehow can't find enough strength to sell up and move into a bungalow ~ "I hate going back home," she said as she went for the bus ~ a bit like Lucy, she might have taken action years ago and now has probably left it too late ~ how very lucky I am in this house that I love in this lively friendly yard with holiday makers coming and going in numbers 2, 3 and 7 and number 4 too when David gets it ready ~ never a dull momet, and yet so quiet compared with the throng of trippers on Church Street.

I'm so enjoying Theresa Tomlinson's "Tribute Bride" ~ she really brings those far-off days to life ~ some of the ceremonies she has made up, she told me ~ the marriage ceremony, the funeral rites for Acha's father, but somehow in her hands they all ring true.

Bella breezed in briefly with so much to tell me before dashing off to meet Aussie friends for lunch.   First thing this morning I changed my sheets ready for the laundry on Monday ~ I somehow dread clean sheets days though with my Country Diary duvet covers it is easier than with other bedding thanks to this brilliant feature ~ a 4" opening at the top of each side seam so that you can get your hand in and manoeuvre the duvet around ~ so simple, so clever ~ it's a wonder all duvet cover manufacturers don't do the same.


Another of Peggy's pictures ~ Joy in high chair~ c1935 Sorry about the reflection ~ I must try to get a better version