Rita and Brian at Runswick Bay

The Fishing Party ~ a Play for Today from 1972 ~ set in Whitby and recovered from oblivion by David M !

Runswick Bay

Tomorrow Rita and Brian are coming over again from Filey and asked for suggestion of where we could go ~ Ellen suggested Runswick Bay so if it's a fine day that would be lovely.   Ellen off to Italy for 3 weeks and I'll miss her ~ have been looking Charlie Thomas up on facebook with her darling babies ~ she's hoping to get them home today ~ they are the first twins in the family ever, as far as anyone knows ~ the girl is called FRANKIE and the boy MOSTYN which is a Welsh name somebody says.

Friday 25th : had such a happy visit from Rita and Brian who have set off back home today, stopping over at Chester en route ~ on Tuesday they came over here and we went for fish & chips at Mr Chippy and caught up on news ~ they went off for a wander round Whitby before setting off back to their caravan in Filey ~ maybe next time they will find a Whitby caravan park ~ Gowan's has a good reputation and that way we'd see more of each other.   On Wednesday they spent exploring Scarborough ~ yesterday, Thursday they came over and took me to Runswick Bay which was Ellen's excellent suggestion ~ not that far away, maybe ten miles up the coast, and absolutely stunning ~ a great wide bay, almost circular with high dark cliffs on all sides ~ fabulous ~ a cluster of white cottages with red roofs ~ a snack bar and we sat outside in the sun with lovely wholemeal sandwiches and coffee ~ Rita and Brian had a short walk and then indulged ourselves with ice cream cornets ~ I don't remember when I last had one ~ Rita and I had mint choc !!   Yum yum !

Long call from Georgie, bless her ~ I do feel lucky in my kids ~ three out of four is enough for me.

David at no 4 made copies of this BBC Play for Today from 1972 ~ set in Whitby it is a gentle comedy ~ so innocent compared with today's dramas ~ charming but innocent ~ I was glad to watch it ~ couldn't remember seeing it way back then though we certainly reckoned to watch the Wednesday Play or Play for Today ~ a bit of a nostalgic treat.

A fascinating "Who do you think you are ?" last night ~ the subject could trace his ancestors right back to William the Conqueror though I believe I've read somewhere that going back so many generations there will be hundreds of his descendants, possibly even half the populationn ~ Frank Gardner, a BBC security correspondent, shot and left for dead in 2004 ~ in a wheel chair controlled by hand !   One of his ancestors, in Tudor times wrongly convicted of treason but "mercifully" beheaded rather than hanged !!

Big Decision ~ my eye sight is definitely deteriorating and I am finding reading difficult ~ without my Serious Readers light beside the sofa I would be lost ~ sadly after a lifetime with The Guardian I will no longer go down for the Saturday edition ~ today for instance I realise I have not got round to reading last Saturday's FAMILY supplement, nor the REVIEW section ~ funnily enough only yesterday someone rang from the paper to ask why I have cancelled my subscription and would I consider ordering the Guardian Weekly ~ a trial offer of six editions for £6 but I did try that a year ago and found the articles rather serious and academic.   So I have to repeat before I put the Guardian behind me that my proudest boast is that never mind how many rejections I was getting, I was published twenty or thirty times in The Guardian and my pieces have been gathered up into anthologies alongside Polly Toynbee and other prominent writers !

Re the photo of Rita and Brian, I believe I could have zoomed in on them making them larger and cuttinmg out much of the background but I'm not sure how to do that~ I'll have a go tomorrow.   Saturday morning ~ I'll try now !