Mary's picture of glorious sunset with West Side in background and their house silhouetted to right

Politics !!!

Oh dear ~ a good friend whom I shalln't name was here this morning and somehow Jeremy Corbyn's name came up and we nearly came to blows ~ having announced she could never vote for anyone with such a poor sense of how to dress, she then suggested that his voters would probably be fool enough to vote for anyone dressed as a monkey ~ to which I couldn't help responding that he is a welcome change from the usual party leaders who for the last five years were more or less clones ~ all three of them ~ public school and Oxbridge, from wealthy backgrounds, and practically indistinguishable from one another ~ "take David-bloody-Cameron" I yelled, at which she took serious offence : "I am surprised that you can be so rude about him and I would never use the word bloody ... "  Oh lOrd ~ I thought we were going to come to blows !

It seems our lovely gardener, Richard Eshelby won three categories in the Whitby in Bloom awards the other night ~ mine included !   How wonderful !   I think my small patch is a dream but obviously the judges do too !  

Kate rang to talk about yesterday's blog ~ the Letters from Lustleigh of a small evacuee from the Bristol Blitz ~ she thinks it is quite something to have the thoughts and feelings of this child, reflecting as it must do, the mixed feelings of all those other children uprooted from home and while enjoying the new experience of country life were nevertheless longing to go back to their families.   That's good then.

I found it difficult, typing the letters out ~ having to check every word against Joy's funny spellings.   There are a couple more to do yet but by the time she was writing them she would have been eight and her writing much better.    Thinking about it last night, I realised I'd got her age wrong ~ early in 1940 when the children were taken to Lustleigh she would have been six ~ the only accurate marker we have is Stephen's third birthday ~ he was born in Octobera month before Joy was five so now she was just coming up to her eighth birthday.   By 1942 tthe family had all been brought back to Bristol, the separation being too much for Mother to bear.

I have successfully COPIED all Letters from Lustleigh into new page ~ 358 ~ it was absolutely too much as it was.

Thursday evening October 1st : must jot a few things down before I get back to letters from that little evacuee ~ in case I forget !   Such friendly people at no 7 this week ~ regular visitors, John and Leslie ~ more than once she's asked me if I need any shopping but with Sainsbury's delivery I'm OK however I suddenly longed for KEDGEREE ~ it is the wonderful tub of parsley out on the garden ~ kedgeree is nothing without parsley ~ so I asked Leslie to bring me about half a pound of smoked fish from fish shop down on Sandgate ~ it's not far but sometimes I feel too frail to venture out of the yard ~ she brought me a good thick piece, perfect for the dish AND SHE WOULD NOT LET ME PAY HER !!!   People are so incredibly kind !      They had their grandchildren here on Monday, two adorable sisters ~ a few weeks back Leslie (or is it LesLEY ?) broke a bone in her foot and has been in one of those special shoes ever since ~ and in considerable pain still ~ however, she decided to risk taking the darned heavy thing off to paddle with the children and ~ to her amazement ~ realised that afterwards the pain had almost gone ~ since then all week she has had a good paddle, going all the way along to Sandsend when the tide was right ~ and she is walking normally again without the orthopaedic boot !   There may be something in the sea bathing cures of old !

I don't think I mentioned that at the Whitby in Bloom awards the other night, Richard won three of the cups, one of them for my garden ~ I do remember vaguely that ages ago may be in May a group of people were outside the window while I was flopping apparently admiring my garden ~ I was curious about them but too deeply gone to go and investigate ~ perhaps they were the judging panel ~ all credit to my wonderful gardener, Richard Eshelby, bless him.

Brother Bill has sent another chunk of the fascinating book he is writing about his years, his life, as a Clerk in the Houses of Parliament ~ and this episode reads as brilliantly as the rest ~ just hope he can get it published without having to leave the country for revealing so much of the workings of the House !   Hope I live to see it on the book shop ~ I have passed this latest instalment on to Chris Dove who read the earlier chapters with great interest.

Last night I just switched off up here and got downstairs in time to watch a fascinating programme about the faces of the nation with Somebody Schama explaining all the ploys people of power have always got up to in portraits and other tributes to enhance their claims to fame or exaggerate them.   I must check out the details again.  And now I'm switching off to watch "Who Do You Think You Are" which is always fascinating.   And later "Question Time" so that's enough for tonight.

Mary & Tom sent me three lovely pictures of last night's sunset taken from their garden ~ they said I could put them on the blog so I must remember to do that tomorrow.