Letters home

I hope I can scan the actual letters this little girl wrote home to Bristol while evacuated to Lustleigh, Devon between 1939 and 1942 ~ I'm afraid quality is not good but then these letters were written in pencil some 75 years ago !   They are easier to read when played on screen ~ in any case, they are not included for you to read, but simply to see what they were like in Joy's childish handwriting, gradually moving from copying the teacher's words to capital letters, infant hand writing and eventually rather messy joined up running writing ~ I have not sorted them into chronological order and there are a good many more to be added but right now I'm goggle eyed from concentrating !!  Time for a bath before tea.

Sunday afternoon : I see I've got in a right muddle scanning the letters with one or two duplicated ~ I'll try to sort them out after I've brought the washing in, made a pot of tea and watched Songs of Praise.