My garden is full of nasturtiums in various hues !

We put a Sainsbury's window-sill parsley plant out in this dear little wooden pot and it stands there beside the steps happy as can be and fairly bursting with life ! I do love parsley !

Kedgeree !

Yesterday with the smoked fish that Leslie so kindly brought me I made the most delicious kedgeree ~ frankly good enough to eat by the bucketfull !   And so simple to make : rice, the fish gently poached in milk, a couple of chopped hard boiled eggs all mixed in together with the most important ingredient of all PARSLEY !   As you can see from picture, the parsley Richard planted is doing wonderfully well and I was able to add a good handful to the finished kedgeree !  De-lish and plenty left for tonight.

Typing up those  letters from 1940-1942 (see previous entry, no 357) I seem to have confused some of you who haven't realised that THE LETTERS ARE MY OWN ~ it was the six year old JOY PROCTOR evacuated with her brother David to Lustleigh, Devon writing to her parents at home in Bristol ~  at Mapstone, the farmhouse transformed into a small boarding school for evacuees, we probably all had to write home to our mothers and fathers every Sunday afternoon ~ in this case, Mummy kept them ~ letters from me and also those from David who was 18 months older ~ indeed she cherished them all her life and wept afresh when in her eighties she entrusted them to me to type up for the Family Archive which David's daughter Jane is in charge of.  

Saturday 3rd : Golly !   I've had a busy morning ~ Sainsbury's delivery came at 9.30 by which time I'd done the bit of ironing drying round the Aga over night, hung another load out on the line, stripped my bed ready for the laundry on Monday ~ I made it up later.   Tidied fridge and freezer and put groceries away.   Had a word with Jane and Chris from number 1 ~ made excellent veggie soup with bits and pieces from bottom of fridge ~ for once, added a spoonful of curry powder.   For the kedgeree I cooked more rice than I used so having added a good spoonful to the soup, the rest I stirred into milk and with sugar, a knob of butter and a good grating of netmug it is heating gently on top of the Aga, I don't know whether it will work ~ economy rice pudding.   I'm going to scan the rest of Joy's letters home from Lustleigh and add them to the photo album ~ nobody has to plough through them all, though they are rather touching.

Sunday 9.30pm : too late to start anything really but at least checked email : a much brighter day with warm sunshine from the start ~ last night having taken the bedcover off and re-arranged the pillows (I make them into a kind of nest) I then failed to put the electric blanket on ~ a bit of a shock later expecting to jump into my cosy nest to find it FREEZING !   This blanket is specially designed to be used DURING the night which may sound risky but as it is a Morphy Richards one I guess it is safe ~ I'm ashamed to say that having got the bed lovely and warm to start with, I then leave it on low all night !   Such a luxury but of course I may come to a sorry end.   That shock reminded me of the time I expected to jump into a steaming hot bath, only to discover the boiler had gone out and the bath was cold !

Talking of the boiler, I must find a plumber who would pop up the yard regularly to check the pressure guage on the boiler which is housed in the shed.   My eyes are so poor that I cannot even see the damned pressure guage, let alone see if the needle is in the RED or the GREEN zone ~ and I could never cope with increasing the water supply, not even in my hay day ~ Terry was very good and would regularly check it for me and take whatever steps were required ~ Chris at number 1 did it for me once but I must try to establish a proper arrangement with a plumber ~ I could pay him £10 per check-up and £20 when action was needed ~ I'll try and phone DeaneRedfearn in the morning ~ he's done one or two plumbing jobs for me in the past but may think this is beneath his dignity.   

Monday afternoon : At last the rain has stopped ~ Sue came this morning and between us we pulled the telly out andgot all the glasses and knick-knacks out of the near alcove, and all washed and the alcove cleaned and everything back again ~ what a relief ~ I used to do it a couple of times a year but haven't felt up to it lately ~ I'm too wobbly to carry trays of glasses etc through to the kitchen and back so I'm very grateful to sue ~in last Sainsbury's order got a pack of pork ribs and I've made a caserole for tonight ~ it smells good doing slowly-slowly in bottom oven but had no bay leaf left so found the strength when the rain stopped to go down to Holland & Barrett which is on the corner of Sandgate this end of the swing bridge so feel rather pleased with myself !

My good friend Barbara read about my search for a plumber and suggested I rang Keith ~ he'll call in on Saturday morning when he will be working in Church Street so that's wonderful ~ heard recently from ensure4retirement that they are no longer giving cover for boilers so instead of paying them I will see if Keith will take me on for an annual service ~ have only just twigged that the insurance was £16 a month !!    I've only had to call on them twice ~ the first time the man had to drive up from Hull, the other time a different engineer travelled down from Hartlepool ~ sounds as if they simply did not have enough engineers to cover the area !