the ribbons drying in the sun

Bill Proctor, Clerk to the House ! And Mary in the background ~ 35 St Martin's Road, Knowle, Bristol.

Brother Bill's Book

Bill has sent another good chunk of his fascinating book about his years as a Clerk to Parliament, near enough 40 years : A Clerks's Tale ~ a Clerk with a capital C being altogether different from those with a small c ~ clerks !   He's written most of it now and several of us are hoping he'll get it finished AND PUBLISHED while we can still enjoy it.

Sue came this morning and instead of doing the vacuuming she helped me clean the near alcove in the sitting room ~ I used to do it regularly but recently have not felt up to tackling it by myself ~ it involves sliding the telly out of the way, and the chair and the green lamp, and carting all the glasses and knick-knacks through to be washed in the kitchen which I did while Sue wiped down the shelf and brushed cobwebs out of coprners before putting everything back all clean and shiney !   What a relief ~ I've been intending to do it for ages ~ bless you Sue.   I had so many glasses, three or four tumblers were wrapped in newspaper and put in the recycling sack ~ Sue says charity shops don't want glasses ~ it seemed a pity but I never use any of them.

It's been a frightful day ~ bucketing down ~ I made a Lancashire hot-pot with some neck of lamb that had come with Sainsbury's order and after five hours in the bottom cooler oven it was delicious ~ I'd used up all my bay leaves and what is lamb without ~ so gingerly I got myself down to Holland & Barrett on the corner of Sandgate this side of the bridge ~ the house is still filled with the luscious smell of bay.

Tuesday morning : wet again but not as bad as yesterday ~ I'm thinking I might type out my brother David's letters home to our parents in Bristol from evacuation in Lustleigh ~ just by way of contrast ~ maybe . . .    A fascinating program about the Celts last night ~ there's nearly always something interesting on BBC2 at 9.0pm ~ and coverage of Tory Conference is gripping too ~ great fuss yesterday because Jeremy Corbyn was holdinfg forth in Manchester Cathedral just along from Conservative venue ~ apparently this engagement had been fixed before he became party leader.

Thursday morning : and the sun is shining !   Yesterday it was another visit to Bridlington for eye injection ~ the Eye Clinic has moved from mobile unit in car park into main hospital ~I don't quite understand what was happening except that we wont be seeing our regular team again which is a shame as they've looked after us all so well for several years ~ they are moving back to their regular posts in York Hospital Eye Clinic and a new team will be operating at Brid ~ there was something about switching to NHS instead of the PRIVATE treatment we've been getting.  And now the appointments are going to be every SIX weeks instead of every FOUR ~ an economy measure of course.

It is National Poetry Day and while I was doing the ironing Andrew Marr was introducing an interesting program about the earliest poets including of course Caedmon "the Lindisfarne herdsman ..."  Hang on, Andrew ~ Caedmon was surely our Whitby poet, herdsman at Hilda's Abbey !!  I am astonished that such an error got on air.

Later : Decided it was time to get the front door curtain down from the attic and (for the first time in 27 years) decided to moved the rainbow ribbons up to the attic for the winter ~ but first of all I'd wash them ~ should I dunk them in the bath ?   But then I'd be left with bundle of soggy ribbons and how to dry them ~ then, as it was such a lovely sunny morning I had a good idea ~ I managed to fix the dowling rod of ribbons onto the clothes line where I could spray them down with the hose and then leave them out there to drip dry ~ ah BRILLIANT !    They are now hanging from the door to the big attic clean and dry and bright !   I'm ashamed to admit that this is the first, the only time I've fathomed out hopw to wash them without stripping them off the dowling rod ~ as there are something like 300 lengths of ribbon on it, the thought of stripping them off, washing and drying them and knotting them all back on was too darned much so they have hung there UNWASHED all this time BUT amazingly the colours have not dimmed nor faded, though freshly washed they do look pretty amazing !