The best I can do for David but hope Jane can provide a few more of his childhood or teens ~ we didn't have cameras in those days so pictures are few and far between.

Facing Facts

Well ~ I had a painful eye-opener yesterday ~ the so-called friend who took umbrage when I referred to our PM as David-bloody-Cameron has now made it plain she wants nothing fiurther to do with me ~ so be it ~ having phoned first to make sure I was on my own, she behaved rather coldly and in a prepared speech explained that she was too busy to call on me again for at least two months ~ she repeated her accusations about my outrageous outburst last week, and handed back all the books I'd lent her including my own, both clearly unread ~ this in spite of the fact that she had regularly told me she was reading Nine Men's Morris which was clearly a lie as if a book is in the least interesting it surely does not take a month to finish !   Ah me !    When she had finished her rant I announced that I too had something to say : when we were having this stupid conversation about Jeremy Corbyn she said (and she said it at least three times) that anyone fool enough to vote for him would vote for someone in a monkey suit ~ this was such an odd expression that I was certain I had remembered it accurately, but she insisted she had never used such an expression in her life, and never would !!   However, at lunch time she did have the grace to ring and admit that she now remembered using the phrase.

What with this and Lucy I seem to be falling out with everybody !   But there you go . . . 

Having scanned David's letters from Lustleigh, I've just re-read them ~ what a loving boy he was, and funny.   He's no longer with us but died about twenty years ago as a result of the crippling infection he got as a teenager ~ possibly meningitis ~ from swimming in the river at Pensford at Scout Camp ~ he spent a year in isolation hospital, and the Navy would not take him because of his medical condition and the likelihood of further problems ~ so he joined the Army instead and reached the rank of Sergeant before being invalided out with severe spinal decay and the probability that he would never walk again ~ he spent a year on his back in the Army Hospital near Southampton but then the miraculous new drug came onto the market ~ CODEINE ~ which got him back on his feet ~ he worked at GCHQ for a year or two before he and Anne got married after which he worked for de la Rue ~ in spite of increasing physical difficulties he managed to work for the next thirty years until he was bent almost double and in constant pain.   They had three children who have all done well ~ Michael (a ph.d and distinquished Chemist) Jane and Robert ~ of their six grandchildren, the last time I heard from Anne FIVE of them were at University, five girls !   David would have been so proud of them all.  Somehow by the time he died we had fallen out, David and I ~ it was because of the muddle I'd got into financially and the rescue Mother gavce me.