Your blogger in her best hat some 80 years ago !


The gorgeous flowers Georgie brought me yesterday !

Oh good ~ in the morning Anthea is coming round for a quick blogging lesson ~ she is a real writer with more than a dozen books to her credit and I'm sure she will enjoy blogging as much as I do.

Earlier I edited and copied a piece I wrote for the family back in 2012 ~ my memories of our brother David ~ but cannot paste copy in here ~ when I try simplesite tell me to paste in using keyboard but I don't know how to do that.  I've tried C + V without success.   Not sure it's worth typing it all out again . . .

In the News, this frightful Saudi Arabia case of teenager condemned to death by crucifixion for joining a demonstration in protest at beheading of his uncle !    Talk about BARBARIC   MEDIEVAL   MONSTROUS !    

On the ride home from Bridlington Eye Clinic had such a nice driver, Kate who kept me interested the whole way back in spite of fog ~ Kate a paramedic is expecting her first baby in four months ~ her husband a graduate in Horticulture is content to be a jobbing gardener much like our marvellous Richard Eshelby ~ by the time we reached Clarks Yard I could have written a three volume saga of Kate and her complicated family history.   Do hope all goes well with the baby !  And maybe she will be our Patient Transport driver again .

 That's enough for now, Folks !

Later : Three good things have happened today : Keith the plumber popped in at 8.30 to inspect boiler and has now phoned to say he will take me under his wing and come next Friday morning to service the boiler (£30) and put new washers on kitchen taps (£5 a piece) which seems incredibly reasonable ~ Barbara and Annabel recommended him as thoroughly reliable, so it looks as if my plumbing problems are solved.

Anthea Dove came round for a bit of a blogging lesson ~ she intends to sign up with this lot : simplelesite .com which could earn me a further three months FREE blogging ~ if she gets in a muddle I will gladly pop round to help her but simplesite really is SIMPLE !

Georgie had phoned earlier and came with flowers and lovely fresh bread ~ she never stays more than a couple of hours because she knows how limp I get but so good to see her and in the prettiest top !   Bless her !