The golden chrysanth plant Mary and Tom gave me !

A good job done !

Gowan and Robert ~ my Paper Boys ! My Guardian Angels !

A fine morning and I got the sitting room net curtains down and washed and out on the line ~   putting fresh ones up, having cleaned window, I lost my nerve and asked John (at no 5) for help and tall as he is he did it in a trice.   Later got in muddle downloading and installing new AVG tune-up facility, and had to ask David to sort me out !   I'm becoming a bit of a parasite !   I was just going to have a flop when Gowan tapped at the window, dear old Gowan, one of my Guardian Angels !   So good to see him again, and with lots of news ~ he stayed a full hour, bless him ~ until a year or so ago Gowan and Robert would be down at Andersons every morning when I went down at 7.30 for the Guardian ~ such good friends, both of them ~ I really miss the cheery start to the day they always provided ~ jokey but caring ~ for instance, if it was icy or there was snow on the ground they'd send an email : "Don't venture out in this ~ one of us will bring your paper."   And a time or two they have helped me ~ shifting Kate's bed out onto the yard for instance when I had decided to sell it on Whitby For Sale ~ it had to be taken to bits first, to get it down from the attic.   Such friends !

I seem to have been busy all week what with people calling in, and most evenings something interesting on BBC2 at 9pm ~ the Choir, Faces of Britain, The Celts ~ utterly fascinating, that  ~ talking about Boudica/Boadicia reminded me of our Norfolk days ~ the next village (no more than a hamlet really) about 2 miles away was QUIDENHAM ~ one theory was that this was where the Queen Boudica was buried.   The Nunnery there ~ where that young black priest once invited me for supper ~ he was doing a locum there ~ later in his stay he asked Howard if he could take me for ride in the Nunnery car, and started making mad passionate love to me on  the Castle Tump in Thetford (see Religious Education, Thetford Chase entry 21)   I've had me moments, folks !  Quidenham Nunnery is now a Children's Hospice.

Lucy popped in and we made our peace after recent bust-up ~ I think she took some of my criticism on board as there was no self-pity and quite a normal lively conversation over cups of tea and the apple puffs she'd brought !   Joan will be in Whitby over the weekend and plans to come here on Saturday morning, on her own this time, without her friend with her horrible little dog (peeing with excitement all over the place !)   Never a dull moment.

On Wednesday morning Richard and Jack were busy in the garden, and Richard came back yesterday to plant spring bulbs ~ it should be a picture (if I survive !).   Tom and Mary brought me a gorgeous golden chrysanthemum from their trip to the Garden Centre and Richard planted it for me ~ I'll take a picture before the sun goes in.

Gowan's corn on the bureau (with Ellen's poppies) which he brought from his farm years ago !

And another jugful in kitchen ~ he brought me an armful !