All of us at our parents 50th anniversary (was it ?)

So much kindness

Annie Dove popped in for quick cup of coffee and chin-wag ~ should have put fire on for us as now I'm upstairs I see temperature is only 17.5 ~ I've got my lovely stripey fleece on but am still freezing.   My problem with AVG tune-up installation was that (daft as it sounds) I didn't know you could copy using Ctrl+C and paste with Ctrl+V  ~ I only ever use copy and paste facility so that's a useful discovery !   Must finish typing up Mother's memories of the War and submit it to The Guardian Features Editor in good time for Armistice Day ~ we heard on TODAY that the official Cenotaph Ceremony is to be shortened this year taking into account the Queen's age ~ no joke at 89 standing out in the cold for any longer than necessary.    Had the runs yesteday due I suspect to healthy suppers of beans and rice !   Not much fun !

Saturday morning 24th : cold and wet but quite a lively morning : 10.0 Sainsbury's delivery came, a WOMAN driver, Kay !   Then Anthea came to see iof she could fetch the Saturday Guardian for me, bless her !   Then all the Cowlishaw children appeared from next door, including Olivia this time ~ three years old and friendly and chatty ~ Peter (their Grandfather) came up to see whether they could operate their laptop via my hub ~ I didn't understand what he was on about but YES he is able to do this.   A long call from Georgie who is finding life fairly stressful and let off steam about the rest of the family, Howard included ~ by the time I got the kitchen tidy, the groceries put away, it was midday before I made the bed !!  Joan from York/Leeds is coming this afternoon so no hope of a flop today !   It's really cold and to hell with the cost I've put the heating on.

Rather extravagantly, this was my second S's order in a week ~ intending to make a plum crumble last night, I was horrified to discover I only had a couple of spoonfuls of flour left ~ the unopened bag was not a pound of SR flour but a pound of sugar !   Stored away in the wrong container !    You can see, I really am losing my marbles.   Managed to make crumble topping by adding a handful of crushed cornflakes to the mixture and the result was rather good.   Along with flour, there were various things I had forgotten on 14th so was able to reach the required £25 by including marmalade, honey and jam ~ DAMSON jam which I haven't seen for ages.   Indeed, no damsons nowadays.   Too fiddly to pick, perhaps but such a treat in a tart or a crumble.

Sunday afternoon : the clocks went back an hour so nice lie-in and had a morning bath for once.   On the Service on Radio 4 over breakfast they sandg "Forth in thy name, O Lord I go ..."  one of the hymns sung at Mother's funeral ~ years and years ago in Bristol after the War she would line us all up, or all the young ones anyway, and march them down the lane to see them safely across the Wells Road all singing this hymn as they went !  Like a regiment of soldiers. Bless her !  At my funeral I hope they will play Le Palomo Blanco at the end, I've put a tape with my Will ~ I'd like to think of folk dancing off joyfully ~ it's almost impossible NOT to dance to it.   And at some point 'Panis Angelicus' ~ truly heavenly !    While I'm on to funerals, I might as well mention it here ~ PLEASE NO BLACK !!   When my turn comes let all wear their brightest clothes, friends and family, and if they have such things their wackiest hats ~ don't forget or I might come back and haunt you !

Thank goodness I switched to bt from talktalk ~ millions of talktalk subscribers have been hacked into over weekend and several have had their bank accounts cleared out !   Terrifying.  Did two tarot readings this morning, Irish friends staying at the Dolphin ~ Kathleen and Mary ~ I don't do many readings these days ~ what with my eyes and general frailty, but they seemed satisfied, each of them.

Richard will be back during the week to tidy gardens of 4 and 7 ready for the winter and he's bringing wall flowers and bulbs for all of us ~ we settle up with him, of course.   All the Cowlishaw grandchildren are next door with their grand parents and have popped in a couple of times to see me ~ Ella, 10  Joel and William, 6   and this adorable 3 year old, Olivia.   I think they look on me as their Whitby friend !   I should have said four of the nine Cowlishaw grandchildren ~ there are two other families, one in Spain, the other in Portugal.

Correction : On reflection I think I was wrong to assunme they brought David home from Lustleigh to get him into the Prep department of Bristol Grammar School ~ no, like the rest of us (one after another) coming home from evacuation to Devon,  David went to Knowle Park Primary School from where presumably he won a scholarship to BGS ~ I remembered a story Mother used to tell ~ having been sent to the Headmaster, Mr Ashworth , for a telling off, David managed to sneak the key from inside the Head's study and lock him in !!!   David may even have hidden the key so that the fire brigade had to be called to break the door down but I may have got that bit of it wrong.  I guess David would only have behaved so outrageously in face of some (as he saw it) gross injustice !  He would have been nine at the time.  I can't be sure, but I guess he was sent to the Headmaster for impudence ~ David was both very argumentative and a mine of useless information ~ if the teacher had given the class a wrong date or fact, David would have pointed this out to her, which would probably have been thought of as cheek or insolence ~ having then suffered an undeserved telling-off by the Head, David would have felt perfectly justified in an act of retribution ~ locking the poor man in his office !   After this, it's a wonder the school accepted any other Proctor children, but it did ~ not Helen who went to Pensford village school where Mother was teaching, but all the rest of us !

Later : at last I've tidied up Mother's War Memories and sent them off with a couple of photos to the FAMILY supplement of the Guardian ~ you never know ! 

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