The attic ready for Agi and Will tomorrow

Another wonderful Anglo-Saxon novel

With Community Transport, I've just been to have my eyes tested ~ I have been finding reading difficult, and on the computer I need to zoom in to 150%, but very little deterioration found though I am to have a new pair of distance glasses ~ probably simply old age ~ the Bridlington lot are keeping an eye on cataract development ~ they tell me we all can expect cataracts in old age, they are a feature of aging.

Richard and Jack here planting wall flowers and spring bulbs in David's, Peter's and mine ~ the yard is going to be a picture come the spring.   Feeling so cold all the time and switched heating on before lunch ~ I must stop doing this or the gas bill will be enormous.   Toasted hot cross buns for us all before Jack went off to get the bus to his girlfriend ~ they are praying he wont get her pregnant.   What a worry teenagers are, though at least nowadays sex is above board, out in the open.   Jack is over 6' and he adjusted the clock up here and the kitchen clock so that's a help ~ last time the clocks were changed both wall clocks were an hour out for months ~ I dared not climb on a stool and put them right.

Wednesday morning : Have made up the bed for Will and Agi who are coming tomorrow till Sunday ~ the electric blanket is on most Sundays for a couple of hours just to keep it aired, and it's on again now.   Later while the bath is running I'll hoover up there ~ it does look welcoming with Nancy's beautiful patchwork over deep green blanket ~ I'm so glad they are coming but apart from three small jobs they could do for me in the sitting room, I must not let them do a spring clean like last time, loving as it was.   I told Will, they can do that when I've gone !   In the meantime, it's clean enough !   They probably think I'm turning into a shabby old bat, but can't be helped.

Mother's War Memories : having edited and tidied them up, on Monday I sent the article to the FAMILY supplement at The Guardian, right !   Last night I found it had bounced back ~ I'd spelt the email address wrong !!   Hope I'm not losing my wits !   Re-addressed it and fingers crossed !

Annie lent me this wonderful novel about our St Hilda  ~  I'm finding it hard going, not because it's boring or too academic, NO ~ because the print is rather small ~ the story is absolutely gripping and deals with Hild's life BEFORE she became the Abbess of Whitby ~ The Abbess of Whitby by Jill Dalladay ~ Lion Fiction, 2015, £7.99 ~ what with this and Theresa Tomlinson's novel A Swarming of Bees I am learning a great deal about the Anglo Saxon period ~ and then we've had a brilliant series on BBC2 about the Celts !   I could almost tackle a History A level paper !!

Thursday 29th and pouring : I've been trying Eco washing up liquid but while it may be good for the planet, my hands are in a frightful state !   I'm smothering them in the Hemp Hand Protection which Kate introduced me to ~ it is really comforting but from the smell an unsuspecting caller might think I'm on drugs.    More medical observations : for a couple of years I've had a patch of dry skin which I put down to not drying myself properly after the bath ~ it didn't itch and wasn't weeping or discoloured so I ignored it ~ these days, a visit to the doctor is too much hassle, booking transport and so on ~ problems usually clear up of their own accord ~ I only visit the surgery once a year when they send appointment for MOT ~ anyway, back to this patch of dry skin ~ as it began to spread I did get rather alarmed thinking of skin cancer ~ two or three weeks ago I decided I must take action so every morning and evening I've been dabbing at it with TCP and ~ yes, folks, it's true ~ this morning there is nothing but the smallest patch of rough dry skin !!   So that's a relief ~ good old TCP !

Agi and Will are calling in on Howard at Cottingham on their way up, and on Georgie at Driffield on their way home on Sunday ~ they hope to have some good long walks while they are here, while I'm having my afternoon flop.   The family don't expect me to produce hearty meals for them, but either fetch take-aways or do the cooking themselves which is a wonderful help !

E-on bill has just come showing I am slightly in credit on both gas and electricity : £14.21 in total, but afraid the situation will change with cold weather upon us ~ I've been turning the heating on from about midday which will lead to enormous energy bills through the winter, but with all allowances the Pension People give me I can afford it ~ sitting her shivering is not a good idea, not at my age anyway.

Friday morning ~ Will and Agi arrived about 6pm and after mugs of tea and good natter they went off to get fish & chips from the Magpie ~ very generous portions ~ Agi and I shared one and it was quite enough.   Raining still first thing but has cleared up now and they've gone for shopping ~ Barbara came which was nice ~ I wanted them to meet my good friend and carer.

Having watched a passionate recommendation of it the other night, 'Mill on the Floss' has come, 2nd hand from Amazon, hope I can cope with the small print !   It is another book that to my shame I have never read.

The chap who sits on the landing when the electric blanket is on, to remind me !