The White House all aglow for Mary and Tom's party ~ I took this picture from my attic window.

Winchester Bridge ~ my screen saver restored ~ sorry about the glare ~ I'll try again in a mo ! Saturday morning ~ this is slightly better.

What a shock !

We heard yesterday of a healthy man, Charlie, happily married father of two, who didn't feel too well one morning last week but drove himself to work regardless ~ by lunchtime he was in a dreadful state with one side of his face all distorted, an eye that could neither blink nor close ~ it isn't a stroke, they tell him,  but Bell's Palsey !   Kirsty next door is a nurse and told us that people "do sometimes recover" but the prospect is grim ~ poor Charlie is so disfigured by the affliction ~ and only fifty !

I heard a rather wicked story about Bell's Palsey, right !   A fellow was struck down by it and felt so ugly that he would not venture out but stayed hidden away at home until a friend had a go at him saying "Never mind what people think, never mind if they stare at you in the street, to your friends you are still the same dear old Edward . . . "   So, very nervously, he agreed to meet  them in the pub ~ and sure enough, everyone was staring at him, but he braved it out until he reached the table at which his friends sat ~ "Well done!" they said, "but you could have checked your flies !"   Not only was his zip undone, but his willy was dangling out, far more interesting than his facial disfigurement !  

A couple of times recently my right knee has been very painful ~ it felt twisted though I don't remember any awkward activity ~ on Amazon I found these useful elastic supports which although not particularly sexy are making a big difference.  Yesterday I missed my dental appointment because the Good Neighbours car didn't come ~ it had been booked for NEXT Thursday ~ rang Dentist straight away and have made a new appointment for Thursday 26th ~ I've had a wobbly tooth for months, since my last visit to Mr Brown in February, and it finally came out on Monday, a nice clean root so no worry there  ~ it has left a gap, a slim gap, which is not too noticeable but maybe some replacement can be inserted ~ Iwith Pension Credit I do not have to pay for dental treatment, nor visits to the Optician and NHS glasses are free !    

Saturday midday : Oh blast !   Just lost a couple of paragraphs by not saving as soon as I'd written them !   Sainsbury's delivery came promptly at 8.30 to avoid the inevitable traffic congestion on Church Street, and before that Annie came with the Guardian ~ Annie is older than me and quite frail and yet she remembered about the Saturday Guardian, my weekly treat and brought it up the yard to save me going down to Andersons for it later ~ she brought it up the yard in bucketing rain, bless her.   Once I'd dealt with groceries and sorted out fridge and freezer as is my wont after a delivery, I made a jug of Ellen's French coffee that she very cleverly found is still available in small Sainsbury's in Saltburn, and sat down to read the latest on Egyptian air disaster ~ obviously the terrorists are out to punish Putin for backing  the Syrian president and bombing  ISIS !   Terrifying ~ it's a wonder anyone dares fly anywhere nowadays.

The children next door are delightful ~ Kalen 10 and Ellie-Rose 5 ~ at the bonfire party they were chatty and friendly to all : "Hello, Joy !"  he greeted me warmly and his sister looked adorable in a silver-trimmed dress for the occassion.   As I am becoming so dopey, Kalen kindly wrote out all the family's names for me : John, Kirsty, Kalen and Ellie-Rose who kindly drew a picture of them all, including the cat, which I will copy for you here.

I'm hoping to persuade Annie and Chris to start shopping online ~ he is ninety and Annie is a couple of years older than me, and both of them frail ~ this morning when she brought me the paper, she was on her way back from getting a Co-op delivery but living on Church Street as we dop, the goods have to be through the till before 9.0 so that they can be delivered early enough to avoid traffic chaos on this side of the river ~ with winter coming on, it will be madness for either of them to shuffle over there at crack of dawn, maybe with ice or snow or bitter winds ~ I do hope they will decide to give online delivery a try ~ as well as Sainsbury's there's Asda and Tesco offering delivery service ~ I'm jolly glad I started doing it ~ at Georgie's suggestion ~ some time before I had the second hip replacement when I could scarcely hobble down the yard, let alone any further afield.

Knee support ~ I seem to have twisted my knee and jolly painful it is but found these on Amazon and they certainly help ~ I'm obviously falling apart !

Ellie-Rose's picture of her family ~ the Gaunt family (including cat) !