Eccles before Kate came along

The first-born ~ Richard and Georgie

A bit groggy today

Woke with bit of a head ache, which is very unusual for me ~ at the back of the head, the top of the spine ~ and feeling delicate ~ am hoping to get along to Chris and Annie later with Jill Dalladay's book, "The Abbess of Whitby" ~ somehow I have managed to crease back a corner of the cover and as I know how special it is to Annie I have decided to keep this one for myself and buy her a fresh copy at the bookshop on my way along to Blackburns Yard ~ while I'm along there, I'm hoping to have a word with the Potter to ask her to make a plaque to go on the wall ~ several of the other properties have these attractive plaques and David now has had one made for number 4 ~ for wording, I think  "the Sanders Place 1750-1829"  would be good but I'm not sure about the apostrophe as SANDERS refers to the Sanders FAMILY singular so Sanders'  would be correct ~ I'll consult Annie about this ~ perhaps it wouldn't hurt to leave apostrophe out altogether.   These plaques are very attractive with the potter's signature wreath of blue flowers on clean white background.  

Yes ~ got myself along there and had a friendly hour with them and Mike Dawson turned up too which was nice ~ I hadn't seen him since our Open Days ~ and then Dave Wharton and Steve our friendly Postie ~ so it was quite a party in that tiny cottage ~ as she wasn't there today, Annie took details of proposed plaque to hand on to the potter who I think is called Laurie.

4.40pm : have just put heating on as even on a mild day like this, it soon gets chilly as darkness falls.   Do hope Georgie is not cross with me for revealing so much in yesterday's blog ~ the thing is, it seems to me, NOT how much trouble you meet in life, but how you deal with it.   The other three sailed through without too much hassle (as far as I knew) ~ O levels, A levels, degrees and post-graduate qualifications, Chartered Accountancy, Will's Ph.D, and Kate did a Master's degree and then Planning and Conservation Diploma.    Will and Kate settled into good jobs and happy relationships, producing two offspring each, and those offspring all seem to be flourishing and going from strength to strength ~ I'm proud of them all, but considering all the difficulties she has had to cope with along the way, Georgie most of all.

Enuff of all that ~ time for a bath before thinking about supper.

The upcoming generation ~ all four of them ~ ten years ago

The family in the garden at Quarry Road, Winchester, in 1966

Eccles before Kate came along