The old rocking chair ~ with freshly dusted rockers !

The mallow bush that Richard planted for me recently ~ flourishing beside the high wall.

Ludwig van

Way back, John joined a Classical Record Club which sent us a disk every month ~ we shared them, one for him, the next month one for me ~ except for Russian and Eastern European composers which I cannot bear ~ until recently I've generally had music playing up here while I'm working at the computer, but since the fiasco with 'windows 10' I'd got out of the habit however this morning I've got going again ~ what joy, what delight !   First up ~ Beethoven, the selection entitled "Personal Torments"~ his personal torment resulted in his greatest works, don't you think ?

Sunday 5pm ~ only now settling down at computer after busy weekend ~ I'm reading Dad's copy of The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in the mornings while I'm relatively bright, I'm also into this fascinating book that Annabel brought which eventually has to go back to Barbara : "Elizabeth is Missing"  by Emma Healey,  Penguin, 2014 and a sticker on the cover tells me it was Costa Book winner 2014 ~ it is absolutely gripping with recommendations from people like Deborah Moggach : Outstanding, haunting, thrilling, assured, will stir and shake you.   The narrator is an old biddy like me already confused and sinking into dementia ~ her memories getting muddled with the present ~ a very realistic picture, quite frightening.

It's my trip to Bridlington in the morning ~ looks as if it will always be on a Monday now ~ I've asked Sue to switch to a Tuesday ~ I think she is usually tired after her weekend in the shop.   I'll put a couple of pictures on this and then switch off for tonight ~ the mallow bush that Richard planted for me is absolutely flourishing and covered with flowers, and the wall flowers he planted at his last visit are in flower too, already !   It must be the mild weather.

If I need an injection tomorrow at Bridlington Eye Clinic, it will be Tuesday before I get back to you ~ an injection leaves me blind, virtually, for several hours.

Tuesday morning :  Such a friendly volunteer driver picked me up at 9 for trip to Brid ~ Roger, until they retired recently he and his wife had a paint and wallpaper shop in Scarborough ~ had very lively ride ~ in Scarborough the bloke he was picking up to take on to Hull once he'd dropped me off was not ready, about to get into the shower in fact, so giving him 10 minutes, Roger drove back onto the front from where we had a lovely view across the bay ~ and at Brid, her accompanied me all the way to the Out Patients making sure I found it ~ so kind.   This was my first experience of the new set-up and it certainly seems to be working well ~ I was the only one in the waiting room and was dealt with almost immediately, passing through three consulting rooms ~ the senior Optrician being a very interesting Syrian ~ not a refugee but he and his family had been here for several years ~ he decided I did need an injection in the right eye ~ I was in to operating theatre in no time ~ such a friendly team ~ a woman doctor and two nurses ~ I only caught Helen's name and she it was who held my hand during injecion ~ sounds silly but a great help.     Having arrived at 11.0 all was done by 11.45 ~ as it's all new to me, Helen showed me the way to reception where they assured me transport back to Whitby had been booked ~ the waiting room was busy with people for various clinics by the look of it ~ a family with four small children including twins in a push chair and Alfie who was probably three and a very lively soul ~ "Alfie, Alfie, NO Alfie !"    Fortnately both Mum and Dad were there ~ then to my amazement a nurse came and said as I was waiting for ransport to Whitby and wouldn't get home for ages yet, would I like a sandwich !   I never take money with me to Brid ~ no poin ~ but she said, "oh, no ~ no charge, what would would you like in the sandwich ~ ham, cheese, egg . . . ?    And tea or coffee ?"  and sure enough five minutes later  a tray arrived with coffee and sandwiches ~ talk about TLC !!!

It was another hour before transport turned up but I was delighted to recognise Kate as driver ~ we had such an interesting journey home last time ~ she is a fully qualified Para Medic, not one of the volunteer drivers, and takes great pride in her work ~ married to a gardener (much like our Richard) they are expecting a baby in January ~ in fact having saved up some annual leave alongside maternity leave, she finishes work on Wednesday ~ obviously in her work she has delivered several babies, and was full of excitement and joy at the thought of bringing her own into the world ~ her husband is a bit squeamish, she said, about bodily fluids , blood and stuuf, but she hopes that in spite of this he will not merely attend the birth, but share her wonder at the emergence of the infant !   Such a nice girl, and she insisted on walking me up the yard to see me safely indoors, bless her !

In fact, I am getting more wobbly ~ this morning as I was making the bed, I felt myself flying through the air and landed in a heap wedged in between bed and rocking chair ~ I knew what to do ~ I could not pull myself up on bed post and the only thing for it was to shuffle on my bum to the top of the stairs where I could dangle my legs down a couple of steps and with rope and hand rail pull myself upright ~ this took me a full 15 minutes, slowly, slowly, rest and on again !    Bloody Hell !   One useful discovery as I tried to find something to pull myself up on, was that the rockers on that old chair were quite gritty with dust !   It must be ages since I thought to bend down to inspect them !  All clean again now.

I realise I'm getting more and more like the narrator, Maud, in this novel I'm reading "Elizabeth is Missing"  except that she is a good deal more confused than I am.  So far !

It's Verdi keeping me company as I type ~ all his most famous arias !!   Glorious and I simply have to sing-along !

The chair that came from my parents ~ one of the first items they bought up in Seaham Harbour some 85 years ago ! With one of Nancy's patchwork cushions on it.