Wacky wooden spectacle stand from Tradecraft

Music Library

Having sorted out my Classical Composers disks, I'll give you a list : Bach 2,  Beethoven 2,  Debusy 1,  Dvorak 1, Grieg 1,  Handel 3,  Haydn 1,  Liszt 1,  Mendelssohn 1,  Mozart 4,   Rossini 1,   Schubert 3,  Schumann 1,  Strauss 1,  Verdi 1,  Vivaldi 1 ~ imagine !   I've Mozart playing right now ~ in fact, as I type the theme tune from Elvira Madigan fills the air !   Wonderful !

Years ago when I worked in the Education Department of Hampshire County Council, one of my responsibilities was for the Resources Library ~ a collection of films, sets of text books, sheet music and records that we loaned out to schools ~ I really loved this part of my work as it meant that when things were quiet in the office (which was far too often) I could escape to the basement and get on with sorting, organising, listing and cataloguing.  I'd set up a pretty efficient system for dispatching this material ~ I was really rather proud of my library.   However it seems it was so bloody fast and efficient that they insisted I introduce a delaying factor, that I was creating an embarrassing precedent.   The schools were asking why it took so long for other departments to deal with their queries.   I could still pack up the material that had been requested, but instead of putting the parcel on the Schools Delivery Van, I was to hold it back for an appropriate length of time, a week or so ~ and to simplify this cunning ruse, they provided a cupboard specifically for this purpose, and labelled it RESOURCES LIBRARY DELAYING CUPBOARD !!!  So much for the bureaucratic mind ~ small wonder I was sacked.

The other day I came across a copy of the Record Catalogue I produced ~ I'll see if I can scan it in the morning.   

Here we are at Friday night and definitely feeling a good deal colder with snow forecast ~ Georgie and Bill may come over tomorrow though not if weather is nasty.

Saturday morning : very cold with sleet and flurries of snow so accepting that I could not go down to Andersons for milk, I've just made out an order for Sainsbury's which will be delivered in the morning.   Georgie is not coming ~ it would be madness to risk it with worse weather forecast and already snow lying on the moors.   What I must try to do today is the 400 word piece about Mother the Guardian Family Supplement asked for ~ 

 Heard a funny thing yesterday ~ young Toby 3-going-on-4 was considered by his nursery school to have a problem communicating so a Speech Therapist visited him at home ~ he was coping splendidly with all her tests until she asked "where does ice come from ?"   Momentarily flummoxed, he quickly found the answer ~ "From the fridge."   This seemed perfectly satisfactory but not to the professional ~ "Oh dear ~ that is not the answer I was looking for."   A black mark for Toby ~ was she expecting a brief explanation of Climate Change, Global Warming and the thawing ice caps !!   Honestly !    Another highly qualified expert no doubt !

Glory be !   Though the heating has been on since 6.30am the temperature up here is still only 18 degrees !   Thank goodness with all my EXTRAS I can afford to keep it on all day if necessary

Sunday morning : I once came across thesecollections of Songs of the Sea !  Hymns and Shanties, sung by the choir of Ely Cathedral ~ the wonderful portrais on the covers of both is of Henry Freeman, Whitby's famous life boat man, the only survivor of a frightful shipwreck in 1861 ~all the other life boat men were lost as well as the crew of the ship ~ he was trying out this new-fangled cork life belt which saved his life ~ in the census returns for 1871 and 1881 we find Henry Freeman living here in my cottage ~ you may think he is my ghost, but that is impossble as the ghost was a young man of slight build with a mop of auburn curls !   Perhaps the Civic Society will one day give me a blue plaque to Henr Freeman, one of our local celebritiies.   Great music too ~ I've got it playing as I type.

Henry Freeman, Whitby's famous life boat man, sole survivor of frightful ship wreck thanks to his experimental CORK life jacket
from the census returns, I see that in the 1870s and 80s he lived here in this house !