The cover of this funny little book of poems for the under-fives ~ crap poems which I cetainly did NOT write but illustrated with my rather wacky doodles !! No idea when I did this unless it was during our long dreary Augusts in the Education Dept !!

The gorgeous golden chrysanths Mike brought me this morning ~ how kind !

A sample page from collection of poems for pre-school children

A right old crone !

To dentist this morning, George Brown ~ never know whether a dentist is a doctor but see it says Dr Brown on the door of his surgery ~ no treatment required apart from appointment with hygienist ~ we agreed that I can get by without the incisor that dropped out the other day though he would fit me up with a replacement if I wanted one ~ it was such a slim pointy tooth, it has left the narrowest of gaps ~ in any case, I'm getting so frail it would hardly be worth bothering !

The Good Neigbours driver today was Eric ~ he'd broken his leg in the summer, a nasty farm accident, but he helped me up the steep steps to the Dentist and came back and waited for me afterwards ~ these volunteer drivers are so kind and helpful ~ the charge is £5 for any trip in or around town, there and back ~ a regular taxi wouild charge £5 each way.   Back in the car, I seemed to have left my purse in the waiting room ~ Eric went back to check, bless him, but no sooner was he out of ear-shot than I found it !   Whoops !   Very sorry !  

When I got home found bag hanging on door knob with three packets of this delicious French Coffee that seems only to be available from Sainsbury's in Saltburn ~ it is coffee with chicory and I love it ~ guess I got a taste for it way back in my 4th Form days and our Bristol/Bordeaux exchange ~ Annie le Goff was my 'twin' and as she lived way out in the country  her father was a country doctor) almost at the mouth of the Gironde, she was a boarder at the Lycee in Bordeaux and of course this meant that for that fortnight I was a boarder too which was wonderful fun ~ this was the coffee we had at breakfast ~ large lugged coffee bowls, all brightly decorated, of milky coffee (with chicory) !   Sadly, I didn't really warm to Annie though her family did me proud ~ her mother took the two of us all the way down to the Pyrenees which must have cost something by rail, and then hotels in Pau and Lourdes (because of my miraculous recovery from epilepsy) ~ I do hope I was sufficiently grateful ~  when Annie came to us on the return visit I'm sure my family did their best for her ~ trips to London, Bath, Weston-super-Mare, for instance,  and a couple of days with Joy Anderson in St Albans, but nothing on that scale.

Sorting through more folders I came across this collection of poetry for pre-school children, pages and pages of poetic crap but each one illustrated by my doodles ~ can not remember HOW I came to do this unless it was one of the ploys I thought up to fill those dreary Augusts in the Education Department of Hampshire County Council ~ the schools were closed, our Advisors on holiday ~ by 10.0am all that was expected of us was done ~ and the whole day stretching bleakly ahead ~ without sounding a self-righteous, I have to say those weeks were hell ~ as mother of four with a big house to run I was accostomed (as all mothers surely are) to being busy from dawn till dusk ~ I asked for unpaid leave which they refused as it might appear that the department was overstaffed ~ "As long as you look busy, " our Office Manager advised me, "that's all that matters."   In fact he said he wouldn't dream of taking leave in school holiday periods when life in the office was as good as a holiday !  The Good Lord preserve us from the bureaucratic life !   The bureaucratic mind-set !

and more of my doodles ~ pages and pages of them !