A very poor pic of Keynsham House lights ~ maybe one of them can do better another night.

Thanks to Sue ~ the sparkling clean kitchen window !!

The interesting book Will & Agi gave me for my birthday ~ a man's search for an answer to why his mother had committed suicide forty years earlier when he was just a toddler.

AILP ~ 400 words for the Guardian

Right ~ the kitchen's tidy, I've done the ironing, and without more ado and now at 10.20 I must get on with the 400 words about Mother for the Saturday Guardian Family Section ~ but, hang on ~ I do need a quick cup of coffee first ...

8.45pm : Spent an hour on it this morning and can probably submit it to FAMILY supplement tomorrow ~ it is surprisingly difficult to write such a compressed appreciation ~ let's hope they like it.   Rang Annie Parker's daughter Jean to see how she is ~ very poorly by the sound of it and staying in bed most of the day ~ Jean said her mother loves DAFFODILS more than anything, so rather than wait till Xmas, rang our Flower Pot shop who delivered four bunches right away and Annie herself rang to thank me sounding absolutely delighted ~ she could get another bunch for Christmas but she has a huge family, most of them living locally and will be well looked after in that respect.   So glad I suddenly decided to do this.

Mary and Tom have their Christmas lights on ~ a huge tree outside the door and multi-coloured lights swirling across the house ~ they lit it up in a similar way last year although at that time they were still living in Manchester and just popped over to get lights going, and back again a couple of weeks later to switch them off ~ what lovely neighbours ~ a real asset to the yard.   Earlier I'd seen a man struggling up the steps with a tree ~ yes, a TREE ~ on his back ~ Mary told me she had been down on the beach looking for driftwood for their fire, and there was this tree, roots and all, washed up by the tide ~ they are going to decorate it for Xmas before chopping it up for the fire.  It was their son struggling up the steps with it.

Yesterday, December 1st and the first card arrives ~ from my friend Jodi at the bank ~  how kind ~ and today one from Vera and Willy in Germany ~ I'm very poor at sending cards ~ apart from siblings and my lot, anybody else gets an email which I am now able to decorate from a wide range of designs.

Monday morning 7th : Peter & Margaret have gone back to Leeds ~ gave them cards for those darling grand children : Ella, Joel, William and 3 year old Olivia ~ they have left me a bottle of wine, chocs and a packet of the French Coffee which I love and which is only available as far as we can discover at the Sainsbury's in Saltburn ~ they'd been over on Saturday to visit Mary & Terry ~ how amazing that they thought of the coffee ~ cooffee with CHICORY !

David is at number 4 and popped in ~ I'd lent him Walter's SINGLETON booklet which inspires David to plan to visit it when they are down that way in the summer.   Barbara here with more of her astonishing life story ~ we always end up in fits of giggles.   Peter & Margaret have just arrived next door so the yard is bursting with folk ~ as it should be ~ great !

Tidied up the piece for Guardian reducing words to 410 ~ will sleep on it and aim to email it off tomorrow.    What a woman, our old Mum !    Probably didn't appreciate her while she was alive but maybe that is how it always is.

Saturday evening : Golly !  What a day !   Driving rain and fierce wind and serious flooding in Cumbria ~ the wind is not WHISTLING up the yard, but SHRIEKING !!!   Hope roof will hold !   From the attic window took pictures of Tom & Mary's display of Christmas lights ~ I'll attach one, but very poor ~ am suggesting that one of them goes up to my attic and see how they fare with their more sophisticated camera.   Not a night to sit up here ~ will sign off in a mo and curl up by the fire with my book.

the first Christmas card ~ from Jodi at the bank.