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Getting back in harness

And again . . .

Wednesday evening : I've been side-tracked these last few days ~ on Monday I at last made the effort needed to write some Christmas cards ~ I really only bother with my lot and siblings, plus a few locals, but these days a simple job like this can take forever !

Yesterday it was off to Bridlington Eye Clinic and again I had to have an injection in the right eye ~ the new team who look after us now that the unit has moved into the main hospital building are fine, now we are getting to know them ~ last time it was a Syrian ophthalmist who examined me, this time a young Greek !   The Patient Transport driver was Roger again ~ such a friendly man ~ and for once he hung around to bring me home afterwards ~ with one fellow passenger on the outward journey who gave us a full-blown lecture on Deep Sea Diving in the Far East !   And coming back we had a chatty woman who goes for dialysis three times a week ~ and a colourful character from Scarborough who had to squeeze into the back with me ~ a Councilor !   There are always interesting people on these Bridlington trips.

I am to be registered for CATARACT monitoring ~ and also for a visit to the Magnification Unit to see if anything can be done to improve my eye sight for reading and working on the computer ~ both at Scarborough Hospital, mercifully, and as usual I will qualify for Patient Transport  which is completely free.   We are well looked after.

When I got back, I was so lame that Roger walked me up to the house, bless him, and saw me safely inside.   Had just made a cup of tea and two Community Nurses arrived to give me the flu jab ~ what with this and the eye injection, I was thoroughly punctured !

Today Sue came and in addition to all her usual jobs, she fixed this GRIP-A-RUG tape to the lime green mat on the landing which cannot keep still ~ it seems to have worked a treat ~ the mat is still lying perfectly quiet and still.

Thursday evening : a busy day ~ had not yet ventured along to the Post Office with cards but needed cash to see me through to the New Year so made it !!   And had promised to visit Annie-over-the-wall after lunch, so that meant TWO outings today !   I had sent her a lovely plant fromT & M, they had a surprise for me ~ a gorgeous glass orb, green and blue ~ I've hung it up here above my computer where it will catch the light ~ it's suspended from a green ribbon and looks lovely ~ it was Annie's daughter Doreen who found it for meand she lives right opposite me, the next cottage up from her mother's so I hope she will be able to see where I've hung it !   Thank you !!    I recognise it, I think, one of the wonderful display Bev has created in Saul Black's shop.   A long chat with Simon busy clearing out Crystal's Cottage down at the bottom of the yard ~ he tells me it was in a pretty frightful condition with no heating, walls and flagged floor running with damp etc ~ yet Crystal could have done something about it, to make life more comfortable ~ she had sold her other cottage, number 2, for a small fortune.

So many cards arriving ~ several friends are going to get no more than a festive email ~ I'm just about past it.   I'm hearing from all those whose hyacinths have arrived, and all delighted with them ~ I have a pot on the kitchen table, 3 pale blue ones which have already come into flower, and each of the bulbs has produced TWO flowers which is wonderful and the kitchen smelling divine !

Yesterday it was John Humphrys last appearance on TODAY programme after 21 years ~ they gave him a good send-off dedicating the last 15 minutes to his career with clips from redletter days.

I'll come back to this later

The dancing cherubs Georgie gave me !