Christmas is definitely coming !

That's good, then !

Bill is driving Georgie over to Whitby in the morning ~ although she is OK driving the few miles into work (Driffield to Beverley) she no longer feels happy about coming all this way ~ they won't stay long hoping to get back home before dark ~ so glad to see her before Christmas.

Barbara came in for a chat and to inspect the booster cushion on the sofa which certainly make it easier to get back off it ~ and it looks good ~ later the two square ones came and together the three cushions exactly fit ~ splendid !    Photo tomorrow but somehow I did not get round to replacing exhausted batteries in camera today.

Yeterday, just as the Sainsbury delivery arrived, my good friend Keith our road sweeper came up the yard with a card for me ~ bless him !   Especially as now I'm house bound it must be a year since I last saw him ~ I'll get someone to take cards down to Andersons for him and Robert and Gowan and Louise and John ~ for years we all congregated there at 7.30am collecting our papers ~ all of them so jokey and friendly.

I put cheesy mashed potatoes in the oven while I was in the bath and had a helping with sprouts ~ the first I have had this season.   Madly, and against all my veggie principals, I ordered a small chicken ~ Gressingham spatchcock pousin which cooked in 50 minutes and is delicious ~ £3.25 and it will make me four meals plus soup !   What is a spatchcock pousin ?   I must Google it. Talking of cocks, when Jean and Parry came they brought me a really wacky stained glass solar powered cockerell which lights up as it gets dark ~ cute !   Ellen said I must call it a cockerell for fear of being misunderstood and offending my readers though you must be pretty broad minded, all of you, to stick with me thus far.

Having installed the soft green booster cushions on the sofa, I realised that the maroon throw is not a happy background ~ in Landsend catalogue I spotted a rich green fleece throw for £30 which seemed a bit extravagant but the colour was perfect ~ ordering it online, when I reached the final screen ~ payment and receipt ~ I noticed an offer £15 off all fleeces but by then the payment had gone through ~ straight away I phoned Landsend and a helpful girl  inserted the proper code to ensure I got the discount ~ SO this glorious green fleece throw will only have cost me £15 ~ photo of refurbished sofa anon.   

 Saturday evening and 9.50 already : A happy visit from Georgie though Bill mouched off on his own or sat in the car on the Westcliff looking out to sea ~ she had brought me the sweetest  birthday present, a ring of angels dancing round a t-light ~ tomorrow I'll take a photo for you ~ in fact, I'll fill up the extra page I started and then lost ~ 382  ~ it can be another photo album.

Because of her problem, Georgie couldn't face eating anything, but we had a cosy hour by the fire with mugs of tea.   She brought flowers as well, and New Berry fruits which I thought had gone out of production ~ don't know where she finds them ~ New Berry fruits were Mother's absolute favourite, she always bagged the gooseberry one.  Must switch off now and have a read before bed ~ it's when I've been working up here late that I can't sleep.   Oh, my stars, this morning I didn't wake till 9.26 ~ I was woken by knock on the door ~ a parcel delivery ~ as I didn't answer it was left in the shed ~ a large box from Amazon 2'x1' and apart from packing all that it contained was a wooden back scratcher which I'd ordered for £1.85 and free p&p !!!  Recently I've suffered from itchy shoulder blade which I've been attacking with a ruler.

The wasky angels Georgie gave me