Henry Freeman as he appears on RNLI disks ~ see text ~ such rousing tunes I'm singing along as I write ! 2001

Cards galore

Monday afternoon : feels a bit more like winter today ~ cold, wet and miserable ~ I am getting forgetful ~ put apricots in oven to stew and next thing they are burnt to to a cinder !    Oh dear !    Appointments came for Cataract assessment on February 2nd, and on the 9th to Ophthalmology Clinic to see whether they can help with fading sight which is quite different from the Age Related Macro Degeneration I've been having treatment for monthly for eight years ~ do hope they can help ~ blogging is becoming a problem, and so is reading.  Both appointments in Scarborough Hospital ~ a much shorter journey than to Bridlington and as always I can get Patient Transport ~ I must remember to book it after Christmas.

I ordered a rich Christmas cake from Tradecraft ~ I'm hoping Mike, Chris and Annie will come and test it with me ~ New Years Morning would be best but like me, I expect like me, they will be at the New Year's Day Concert from Vienna ~ hope they come up with suggestion ~ there's a bottle of good red wine from Peter & Margaret which would go with it happily.

I'm not much good at "parties" - the first one I ever had was my 40th just after I'd joined the Chesil Theatre, fallen under Fred's spell, and having had one last go at teaching, found myself a clerical job with Hampshire County Council.   The main item on the menu was baked potatoes but they were not cooked !  Stupidly had shoved them in the COLD oven ~ 40 of them ~ a big mistake.   Then there was a farewell party in North View shortly before we moved up here ~ we held it on Bonfire Night so that people could wander over from the fire on Orum's Arbour but unfortunately the next-door neighbours had had the same idea and enticed most of my friends in there !!    And when the rainbow stair carpet was laid here, I held Open House with coffee and mince pies and mulled wine but I got bogged down in keeping up with mugs and plates, and the mulled wine turned into fruit cup ~ since then I have avoided entertaining more than 2 at a time.

[As I type, Ely Cathedral Choir singing Will Your Anchor Hold and a dozen other sea shanties and on the cover my Henry Freeman, sole survivor of the Whitby lifeboat disaster of 1861 who lived here in the 1880s ~ the two disks are to celebrate 175 years of the RNLI (2001)

We were not going to bother with cards this year and I certainly haven't sent many but I seem to have had dozens ~ have sent emails to several of those I'd left off the list ~ my emails can be decorated now with seasonal borders ~ a couple of dozen to choose from and all very jolly !

Wednesday evening : to dentist this morning with Good Neighbour transport and an interesting woman driver, Deen as in Doreen.    Looked out various things for kids next door including pot of the large wooden beads that I used to thread between spools of ribbon when I was doing my Colour Readings at RHB Victorian weekends, and the boxed Nine Men's Morris set ~ they play chess so may enjoy it.   After lunch Lucy came bearing bottle of ginger wine and another wrapped present ~ I have to say, these days Lucy is scarcely recognisable from the misery she used to be so that's a blessing.   From 8.30 there was a film about penguins, so it was 9.45 before I even thought about emails or blogging ~ maybe I'll do better tomorrow.