Samples of the party nibbles Mary brought down for me on Christmas Eve ~ and they sent me home last night with another selection !

Steve our friendly Post Man in his Christmas finery !

A stress-free Christmas

I was wrong about John Humphrys ~ he is still very much with us on the TODAY programme ~ maybe last week's farewell was in advance of his retiring at end of month ~ this morning he was doing a spoof Mastermind with 4 celebrities who did not fare too well on their 5 questions each in one minute.    Wet and dismal but not cold.   Sue came in with basket of presents, and Kalen from next door with biscuits and card, Steve the postman came in to have his photo taken in his very smart Christmas jersey which I will attach here in a mo.

Mid day December 26th ~ Boxing Day and Georgie's birthday : had a very happy day yesterday with lunch in Blackburn's Yard with Annie and Chris ~ salmon and mixed veg, fruit crumble and ice cream, sparkly wine and friendly chat ~ their son John has put all their Christmas cards up along the beams ~ it looked as if there were 300 of them or more !   Annie came to collect me at midday and Chris walked me home after lunch ~ it was pouring all day.  Filled a hot water bottle and crashed out on sofa for a good two hours ~ it may have been the wine !    When I came to, I made a pot of tea and opened all parcels from Georgie, Will and Kate ~ all of them so generous, bless 'em !

On Christmas Eve I'd watched The Snowman and the update, The Snowman and the Snow Dog and Carols from Kings, and then this strange two-hour film of sleigh being driven across the wastes of Norway, and scarcely a word spoken throughout.   Last night I only watched Dad's Army and then curled up and read ~ I'd already watched the fascinating story of how it came to be written and produced.  Otherwise reading and phone calls ~ a very happy Christmas.

We are all so glad that Georgie's Charlie is back in the fold and being ope with us about her life ~ we'd somehow rather lost touch.

Tonight Mary and Tom are having another party ~ Ellen is coming to pick me up at 6pm ~ we've such lovely neighbours in the yard nowadays.  I've signed up for these Jacquie Lawson email greeting cards ~ so cute, though some people loathe them ~ £9 p.a. to send as many as we like all year though ~ talk about wacky !

Next morning ~27th ~ Ellen came at 6 and we went up to Keynsham House in the pouring rain ~ they had prepared a feast of nibbles savoury and sweet but for some reason we were the only ones apart from an interesting old man (88) who had had a career in music ~ he was dressed as an American blues singer but had been near death's door with cancer of the jaw and mouth ~ poor man had had reconstructive surgery on mouth , chin and a tongue  created from skin transplant ~ he was talking quite normally but can no longer eat anything but slops  fed through a tube in his throat !!    Poor fellow, but he was dressed so perky with cowboy hat and all !   In fact, it was a very friendly lively evening, in spite of there being so few of us ~ we came away about 9 and Tom helped me down the steps ~ I really am pathetic these days and probably on my way out ~ I have told everybody to be sure to come to my funeral in bright wacky gear and NO BLACK or I will haunt them !

Ellen came in for a few minutes and what with dark and rain was going to get a taxi home ~ terrible floods in York and Leeds as well as Cumbria and more rain forecast ~ people in cumbria have already been flooded out THREE TIMES in past MONTH !    Their houses awash with stinking mud and all their possessions ruined ~ THREE TIMES !   And probably more to come !

I keep playing about with these Jacquie Lawson greeting cards ~ really wacky though some people loathe them !

A rather blurred picture of Annabel with her grand daughters, Isabella, Jasmine and Imogen ~ I'll see if we get a better one on next entry : 385