Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve and so many things happening today : Sue came bearing gifts, and Kalen from next door with box of luxury biscuits from John and Kirsty, Steve the postman came and I dragged him in to get a picture of him in his splendid Christmas jersey, later Annabel and her grand daughters popped in but only for a few minutes.  Next thing, Tom and Mary came to the door with an enormous festive carrier full to bursting with groceries ~ cheese, butter, puds for the fridge, tins of salmon, beans, cheese biscuits . . . everything my heart could possibly desire AND a bottle of Camp Coffe which I haven't tasted in years but notice it is coffee with chicory that I am so fond of ~ incredibly kind and generous ~ but that wasn't all ~ here's Mary with a plate of cakes and tarts and pastries which they had made themselves and all still warm from the oven !   I am truly overwhelmed.  No more tonight as I carry on watching The Sleigh Ride but HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all my readers