My best jumper which I have had for three years and because of the sequins I have never dared wear it ! But feeling braver now and wore it to the Doves on Christmas Day and to Mary & Tom's party last night.

3 more little maids

Annabel popped in with her three lovely grand daughters : Isabella, Jasmine and Imogen ~ took their photos which I attach here ~ that was nice.   Earlier Ellen came to collect stuff for her compost bin and she gave me the rest of the red cabbage but when I cut into it, it was really too dried up to use it for cooked red cabbage ~ I'll ask her to bring me one from Co-op next time she's coming over here ~ she has been so ecstatic about her red cabbage, she's got me going.   I did make a pot full last winter and it certainly is delicious.   It was a delicacy of Mme Hamburger out in Lausanne ~ she'd serve it with frankfurters and plain boiled potatoes ~ over sixty years ago !   She was an old battle axe, and in her eighties really too old to be running a student pension ~ she found me incompetent and a very disappointing au pair girl ~ I must have written some pretty miserable letters home because somehow Mum and Dad raised £100 enough to pay the fare home but I'm afraid I just blued most of it, treating myself among other things to a fluffy jacket and a long green umbrella ~ I only realised afterwards how difficult it must have been for them to find such an enormous sum !   Oh dear

Monday evening : Lucy collected me after lunch and took me across to her new flat and very nice it is too giving her much more room than the West Thorpe one and a lovely big sittingroom in which she has TWO sofas and two armchairs ~ all very colourful, cheerful and cosy ~ I'm so glad to see her comfortably settled after the doubts she had to start with ~ it is a fair way out of town but with a half hourly bus service which stops more-or-less outside her door ~ and of course she has the car.   She'd made some good scones for tea, and showed me pictures from years back when she was a remarkably pretty child.   She brought me back home about 5pm and after a bath and a sandwich I fell asleep on the sofa forgetting about the apricots I'd put in the oven and which were burnt to a cinder ~ infact, no point trying to rescue the enamel dish they were in ~ it's out on the yard and when it's cooled down it can go in the dustbin !   Oh dear ~ I must not put anything in the oven unless I am around in the kitchen to keep an eye on it.

I keep thinking of the second cottage our parents rented in Lustleigh in those years before the War when Dady was away in Sweden much of the time and we were in Devon with Mummy, David and I ~ I have a strong feeling that Lynfield was very old and somehow built around a huge boulder which projected into a corner of the sitting room, from floor to ceiling ~ I can't believe I actually remember this but must have picked it up from some kind of family memory ~ wonder if it really was like this ?    With war brewing, Daddy gave up the Swedish job and in 1938 they moved to  Bristol where he became one of a team of social workers on the notorious Knowle West estate ~ a severe shock after idyllic Lustleigh, especially as to begin with they lived in a council house themselves, until they moved to 35 St Martin's Road, Knowle ~ a thoroughly middle class road where they lived for twenty-something years and brought us all up.   I wish I could find out about the huge granite boulder around which Lynfield must have been built centuries earlier.  Lynfield was a thatched cottage with a thatched porch (as you can see)  and a strem at the bottom of the garden !

About three years ago this gorgeous striped jumper appeared on screen every time I logged onto email ~ eventually I succumbed and bought one not realising until it arrived that it was liberally sprinkled with sequins !   I liked it too much to send it back but could never find the courage to wear it ~ an old biddy like me in sequined splendour !!   But I wore it to Chris and Annie's on Christmas Day, and again to Tom & Mary's Boxing Day party ~ and never mind the sequins, I love it !!  So what the hell !


Annabel with her grand daughters : Jasmine, Imogen and Isabella

David and Joy with Mother at Lynfield cottage, Lustleigh around 1936 (see text)