This large green Tupperware bowl which has been so useful for 50 years or so ~ for soaking onions or red cabbage in brine before pickling them, for making mincemeat and mixing bread dough ~ and still useful !

Getting straight again

I've sorted out all Christmas presents and found homes for them ~ I had an amazing amount of chocs, mostly exotic !   And another Calendar from Georgie ~ another naive American one ~ I do love them ~ she says Bill got her one too so that's good.   Put left-over cards away for next year.   I haven't had cards on display ~ there is more than enough clutter around ~ I've kept them together in a basket available but not overwhelming.   Sent Sainsbury's an order to be delivered tomorrow morning.   The animal blanket went to the laundry and has come back soft and sweet smelling ~ it's the one I snuggle up in on the sofa for a flop ~ the blanket came from The Observer twenty-plus  years ago ~ I thought they were so wacky I got one for each of the family (Georgie, Will and Kate) and one for Mother ~ they came, if I remember right, from the Czech Republic ~ buying so many got me in trouble with the Bank but I was in deep trouble to start with !   I remember seeing Ben rolling about on theirs and he's coming up to 21 !

I wanted a jar of mincemeat from Sainsbury's but apparently they do not stock it !   I wasn't intending to have a baking session, but a spoonful added to plain yoghurt or ice cream is pretty good ~ how odd that S's don't stock it !

I've had Christmas cards TO BE SENT in the large green tupperware bowl that was so useful years ago when I used to make my own mincemeat, and pickled onions, and  pickled red cabbage both of which had to be left overnight in brine before rinsing off and transferring to glass jars and covered in pickling vinegar ~ and the same bowl came into service at blackberry time when maybe four or five pounds could be washed in it before bottling them or making them into jam.   In those days, in my life time, folks, whatever the housewife wanted she had to make for herself.

Ellen has brought me a lovely shiny red cabbage ~ not to pickle but to cook ~ I first had red cabbage as a vegetable when I was out in Lausanne as an au pair girl ~ Madame served it with frankfurters and plain boiled potatoes ~ I'll get down to it tomorrow ~ so good with bay leaf, cinnamon, and cloves.    When I was typing up all Rachel's diaries for John (her widower), any time red cabbage was mentioned it was John's special job, slicing it all up and cooking it slowly with apple, onion, and spices ~ John Stephen had a huge vegetable garden from which he kept the family supplied as in "The Good Life" ~ they also had chickens.   Even at 83, john still does that garden for his son James who now lives in the family house with a family of his own.

Right ~ time for a bath before I make a proper meal for a change ~ I seem to have been making do with sandwiches or boiled eggs . . . 

Oh blast !    I seem to have lost a paragraph ~ did not save it before amending it !!   The main thing was that Mary O'C from the top house, having read my blog and my complaints about NO MINCEMEAT available at Sainsbury's turned up with a pot of Robertson's from the Co-op ~ I was amazed that she had taken it on board !

finding homes for all my Christmas presents !