Dougie Goldstraw ~ 16 on the 14th and a tall handsome young man suddenly

Family here ~ great !

Kate, Alan and Doug have arrived though not an easy journey with serious floods in Hebden Bridge still ~ they went straight to YH and booked in and were able to park the car up there ~ so good to see them ~ A and G went for chips and then ate most of a loaf too ~ they are hoping to go to the Magpie tonight and asked me to go too but no way can I walk that far and and doubt I could make it even with a taxi ~ they'll come back after they've eaten that will be fine ~ apart from walking problem, don't think I could cope with a proper meal ~ Kate still gets trouble with her knee following the accident on Norfolk Broads back in September ~ we are all cracking up !

Doug told us he'd taken an online IQ test and was very pleased to come out with IQ of 117 ~ I told him this was rubbish as he has just got straight As in his mock O Levels and A* in English ~ suggest he try the MENSA test.     Looking for my Mensa certificate, just to prove what I'm telling him, but can't put my hand on it right now.   Raining most of the day but not so cold.   Doug tells me I could make an income from the blog ~ inviting advertisements on it ~ worth investigating though I am quite happy just WRITING it.

Monday morning : Kate's birthday : feeling rather limp so rang Sue and we'll leave it for this week ~ taking things slowly and have just made a pot of coffee which should brighten me up a bit ~ Andrew Marr's program was about the Romanovs ~ blood thirty tyrants ~ one of them had his mistress beheaded but kissed her tenderly before the axe came down and then held up her severed head for their admiration !   

Wednesday evening the 13th : Yesterday off to Bridlington again, in an ambulance this time soi nowhere near as comfortable as a car ~ picked people up en route and again on way back ~ did have to have another injection, always in the right eye, but thank goodness they have kept me going ~ without treatment I'd probably be blind by now ~ I'm practically blind for twelve hours or so after injection as I've had at least FIVE different eye drops in addition to tp the jab !   Anyway, OK today.    Mo came from DAG to fill in my renwed application for Attendance Allowance ~ I do hope it continues as life has been so much easier since I was first awarded this help in 2014 ~ and I'm certainly much frailer now, and practically blind and housebound ~ fingers crossed ~ DAG charge £10 for this help, and of the application is successful ONE WEEK's allowance ~ possibly £80 ~ which seems fair enough.   The first time, I filled the 20 pages of questions in myself but was promptly turned down ~ a friend told me to contact Mo who came and filled it in on my behalf at which I received the higher allowance ~ marvellous !

I wondered whether the Junior Doctors strike would effect the clinic at Brid but all went smoothly ~ as soon as I signed in, someone came and asked if I would like coffee and a sandwich after my treatment ~ I'd taken a buttered hot cross bun with me but was very glad of the coffee as it was a long day ~ picked up at 9 and not home till 4pm ~ I am amazed at this concern for our welfare ~ it is only offered to patients who have travelled a fair way ~ how very kind.

The young woman who actually gave me the injection was very friendly and told me that in their Victorian house they have four ghosts ~ two young children, a middle aged woman and a shadowy and rather threatening figure of a man ~ she said that on her birthday she had had one of those halogen (?) balloons which was floating around as they watched the news ~ suddenly, the balloon was pulled down to shoulder height and carried out of the room, up two flights of stairs to their box room ~ a room that must once have been the children's playroom ~ both of them, the Eye Surgeon and her husband, witnessed all this and indeed followed the balloon upstairs !

Ellen sounds as if she's having a happy time in the Lakes ~ and snow on the mountains.   That's enough for tonight, me thinks ~ I shall curl up by the fire for another hour with David Attenborough on the Great Barrier Reef. 

Mary's picture of the yard taken from the top floor of Crystal's cottage