Sunrise over Whitby on New Year's Day ~ photo taken by Beverly Cappelman ~ Barbara sent it with an email and says she herself was still snuggled up in bed at that time ! (and so was I)

Our Mother's birthday

If she had lived, I think our Mother would be 109 today ~ when she died she was all-but 102 !

After so much rain, cold today but bright and sunny right up to 4.0pm.   Sainsbury's deliveryagain and as usual it took me a good hour sorting out the freezer and the fridge, getting everything put away including four fresh sardines ~ I shall fry two of them for supper ~ we used to eat these every day in Spain, when Fred took me to Alicante ~ garlicky and delicious !   Roll on supper time.

Had a few words with Peter & Margaret ~ on Christmas Day they sat down 17 for lunch including nine children Ella the oldest 10 !   Eleven of them were staying in the house, Helen and family nearby.   John next door came for a chat.   Mary popped in to tell me that driving to Middlesborough the snow was lying deep and crisp and even though the road had been cleared.   The S's delivery man said there was snow on the way over from Scarborough and quite deep in fields.  It's certainly been chilly today and again the temperature has only reached 17.5 and that's with heating on from 6.30am.   Just coming to from flop and Lucy terned up bringing me a bright azalea which is on sitting room table ~ now that she is settled into her flat she is a different character altogether ~ no sign of her old miseries and self-pity ~ in fact, a pleasure to have around now and again.

 Saturday morning 16th : Cold and a sprinkle of snow on rooves opposite ~ Keith the plimber arrived at 9.0 and discovered the tap is totally useless ~ he has done a temporary job with new washer but warns it may not work ~ and with my poor old hands I am scarcely able to turn it on/off ~ however he is going to find me replacement taps with levers to enable me to do this more easily ~ he'll phone me as soon as he has got the new taps probably early next week so that's good ~ I have had trouble with these brass taps from the start though they look splendid and Victorian, especially when I polish them.   I think Dick found these brass ones and Mick installed them about 15 years ago.

 My eyesight is really bad at the moment ~ guess it is the cataracts ~ can scarcely find the cursor on the screen, and even with ZOOM > 150% I have to peer in close to the screen ~ hope something can be done before it gets much worse ~ have an appointment for Cataract Assessment on February 25th with Mr al Ahmar ~ he saw me at Bridlington once ~ he's from Syria, he told me, but is not a refugee ~ has lived and worked here for years.

Snow at Thornton le Dale ~ Mary's picture taken this morning 15/1/16