Dougie's 16th birthday

Dreadful day ~ pouring, nay BUCKETING down all day ~ to Saul Black to get toe nails cut and there was a problem which really made me screech when he sorted it out for me ~ he was working in Crystal's cottage yesterday, was at the front door as I went along to PO ~ he said he called out but I ignored him ~ I thought it was Simon and John talking to each other !   He'll be working there over weekend too ~ he is a fully qualified builder as well as his Foot Business ~ Bev wasn't there today but Jane standing in for her ~ and the Good Neighbours driver was an ex-fireman from Fylingdale ~ Martin ~ he's driven me before and follows my blog !!

Margaret and Peter are next door ~ all their dustbin lids have ended up on my bench ~ they were blown all over the yard the other night, and the dustbins too which were outside my door, crashing around in the gale.

Ellen will certainly be seeing snow on her Lake District mountains where fall has been quite heavy.   Sent Sainsbury's order earlier to be delivered tomorrow morning ~ I invariably remember something after submitting the list but you can amend or add to it right up to 11.0pm so that's a blessing.   Tonight for once I don't think I'll bother with a bath ~ again the heating has been on since 6.30 yet the temperature is only 17.5 !   The plumber is coming on Saturday morning to see to washer on hot tap in kitchen but meanwhile it is dribbling quite seriously HOT WATER !   I'm having to heat water on Aga for washing up etc ~ he said don't use it before he comes becomes if washer goes completely water will be gushing out unstoppably !