Back to earth

Pouring !   But mild.   For some time now I've been waking at around 2.0am and, having tossed about for a while, have gone down to make a drink and read for a while ~ very silly behaviour which I must try to stop ~ no wonder I then find it hard to get up in the morning.   At last I've started on this book that Annabel brought me ages ago ~ Bad Blood by Lorna Sage ~ even though I've only reached 24 it is a wonderfully evocative autobiography ~ the reason I've put off reading it till now is the small print which I am finding dreadfully difficult ~ the only way I manage is lying on the sofa with Serious Readers light behind my head, and even then I realise I am having to squint ~ do hope cataract op will improve things ~ and that they decide they can do it fairly soon ~ writing this, I've zoomed up to 150% and still finding it tricky.

Thursday 8.30pm : Georgie came over today , driving herself quite happily.   Had our usual happy chat with delicious wholemeal loaf she'd picked up at Sainsbury's en route and Primula cheese in a tube, wth chives, and mini toms which made a delicious lunch ~ she's beginning to feel dreadfully tired and hopes they will allow her to work shorter hours or a three day week ~bless her heart, in spite of worries about her condition she is always cheerful and positive about it as far as possible.

I thought she would have been scornful about Will's idea to buy off AVIVA between them, but NO ~ if only the money could be raised to cover the £110,000 which the initial £40,000 loan has now become everyone thinks it would be marvellous !   Oh, blast ~ I wasn't going to mention this again ~ sorry !

 This terrible disease that seems to be romping through South America, spread by mosquito bites and now said to have damaged thousands of babies born with unnaturally small heads and brain defects ~ frightful.   Mo came a couple of weeks back and filled in the renewal application for Attendance Allowance, warning me that they are tightening up on it but today I hearrd all is well and as before I am entitled to £83 per week which with Pension Credit and living alone consideration give me all-but £300 per week !!    I've said t before but I have never felt so affluent in my whole darned life.

You might wonder why I don't have a proper pension ~ in my day, as soon as a child was coming along you gave up your career to become a wife and mother.   By the time the children were all at school I could not face teaching again (I'd been a bloody disaster first time round) so with no other qualifications, took various mundane and poorly paid jobs only ever paying the Married Woman's NI contribution of literally a few pence a month.   And somehow after our divorce it was too late to make a serious living and the same pattern continued right up until I reached retirement age when I was able to draw the State Pension ~ and even that seemed generous ~ a regular dependable income at last.