The Guardian again

With today's Sainsbury's order I asked for The Guardian ~ such pleasure ~ I've not been able to get down as far as Andersons to pick it up for myself ~ Barbara always offered to fetch it for me, as did Annie, and several times Chris or Jane at the bottom cottage have spotted me shuffling down the yard and fetched it for me ~ apart from the reading of it, the News, the Review and Family sections, it provides me with plenty of sheets to wrap kitchen waste in ~ I had completely run out.   

More friendly email from Charlie who says very worryingly that eilepsy drugs can cause problems such as Georgie is having to face up to now ~ Charlie works with the handicapped including epileptics ~ I had wondered about this but nobody else could tell me.  Lordy, lordy !

Later : in spite of bright sunshine all day none of the solar lights seem to be working ~ I'll wipe their solar panels clean tomorrow to see if that helps, but I've had these for 3 years I think so they may just have given up the ghost.   I do miss them, twinkling all over the garden.

A long email from Christina in Vancouver who plans to come back to Whitby for a visit during May / June ~ it would be good to see her again.   Fascinating programme about George IVth and Queen Mary who between them saved the British Monarchy when kings and queens all over Europe were losing their thrones or (in the case of the Romanovs) their lives ~ part 2 next week.   I'm reading this gruesome account of life in the fifties in a poverty stricken rural vicarage where Lorna Sage lived with her angry and bitter grandparents, the vicarage filthy and neglected, the Vicar a shameless womaniser !!   Time to settle down by the fire . . . 

An ad on my email page promising anyone can make a fortune from a blog !   I think I'll just bumble on as I am ~ no choice really as I've nothing to sell, nothing to promote !

Sunday morning 31st : Changed my sheets ready for the laundry tomorror ~ it takes the best part of an hour and the KING SIZED duvet cover is particularly difficult.

Later : I've been feeling vaguely depressed but having had a nice hot bath I'm back to normal ~ no telly tonight apart from Country File so I'll make a pot of tea now and carry on with this rather depressing book , Bad Blood by Lorna Sag and come upstairs again later.

Something Christina Nell said is worth bearing in mind ~ I am only the custodian of this house ~ it belonged to others (many others) before me, and will undoubtedly pass on to many others after I'm dead and gone.

Later still : guess I was just hungry ~ pasta, fried onion and red peppers, with curly kale and and immediately cheered up ~ Terry Wogan has died aged 77 of cancer so tributes from far and wide ~ mind, we had similar deluge for Jimmy Savile but Terry is a different matter altogether, surely !

It is niggling at my conscience that I have not admitted to my part in Georgie's downfall.   It must have been the Christmas of 1973 ~ our neighbours invited me and Howard in for a drink on Boxing Day morning ~ now, believe it or not, I don't believe I'd ever had an alcoholic drink in my life ~ Ann gave me gin and orange which seemed harmless and then filled my glass again and again so that by the time we staggered home I was completely drunk ~ to my shame, I lay on the sofa all afternoon vomiting into a bucket !!   Now Boxing Day is Georgie's birthday, her 16th, and she was obviously so disgusted at my behaviour that she put her coat on and slunk off to her rough friends at Harestock ~ somehow, I feel this was a watershed for her ~ for me too ~ if things had sunk so low WHAT THE HELL !   I haven't actually talked to her about this, but I'm pretty sure it will have been a factor ~ for myself, I then went from bad to worse, joining the Chesil Theatre that spring and immediately falling under Fred's spell ~ oh dear !   Anne Thomas herself had adopted a baby and she it was who took us up to London later that year to arrange for Georgie's baby to be adopted through the same private Adoption Society.