The Festive Chocolate Wreath one of them gave me for Christmas and which is almost too pretty to tuck into !!


Georgie rang soon after 8 to ask if I was OK because I've been hacked and alarm call is going out to all my contacts ~ "Something awful has happened and I need help . . ."   Everyone checking up on me : "Are you OK ?" etc and Gowan even came to see for himself, bless him.   David popped up from no 4 ~ Annabel has rung the police and Georgie's IT experts at NHCC are investigating too ~ the usual story, of course ~ I am stuck in the Ukraine or somewhere  having been robbed etc and please send £2500 immediately !   For heavens sake, I can scarcely shuffle down the yard, never mind getting myself out there !   Nice to see Gowan though.    Trying to get through to BT in case I have to change my email details ~ what a darned nuisance !

A fine breezy morning and I really should make the effort to go out but I honestly am too frail, too uncertain on my feet, even taking a few steps to the dustbin I need my stick !  I do take vitamin D3 every morning to make up for loss of sunlight but maybe I should sit out on the bench sometimes ~  must make the effort.

9.30pm ~ such a strange day with non-stop visitors and phone calls, some people emerging from the shadows, even from Winchester days, to check I was OK ~ I feel very lucky to have so many loving friends and family but I'm now exhausted fromall this excitement so will leave this till tomorrow when I hope David will have time to pop in and change my email address and password in case the hacker strikes again !   A demain !

Tuesday 2nd : Well ~ what a strange day it was yesterday ~ thanks entirely to my hacker, I had visitors and phone calls all day long ~ some from friends I hadn't heard from for years ~ it was heart-warming to discover how many people care about me ~ the result was that by supper time I was completely knackered.   I've asked David if he will install new address and password for my email as a message flashes up this morning "Do not log into email," however I had done so before I spotted it (my eyes again !) and found a dozen mail order ads and offers and four mail demon failures !   I won't tamper with any of this in case I cause more trouble.

Among yesterday's visitors  were John Anderson, Gowan, and Eddy !!   Nice to have chats with each in turn once they'd checked I was OK and no cause for alarm.

When she came over the other day Georgie brought me some Primula cheese in a tube, cheese with chives ~ haven't had it for years, but quite delicious on crackers.   I must finish the pasta today and make a pan of soup with last of this-and-trhat from fridge which should keep me going till weekend.   I've been eating black grapes with Camembert cheese too ~ these days I seem to need to eat at lunch time listening to Martha Kearney at 1.0 o'clock, and no more than a nibble at 6pm.

5pm : David came in but couldn't install new email identity as he has different provider ~ APPLE I think he said ~ however he did show me how to UNinstall all these ads and offers that show up every time I switch on so that's jolly useful and I've just finished cleaning the last ones out.   I phoned Computer Conversion Centre and when they heard the story they said that after a hacking the machine should be cleansed ~ they will collect it in the morning to deal with it in their workshop.    This is it then for a few days, folks ~ hope they will get it back to me by the weekend with all hazzards removed ~ so bye for now, Joy !

 Oh ~ Barbara came in earlier with another of her hair-raising stories though I am not at liberty to repeat it here !

10.0pm : Oh I must just mention the programme I have just been watching about family life in the 1950s ~ brilliant and so true to life ~ next week the 60s !   Fascinating !   

Wednesday pm : Cheryl was here at 9.0 and decided computer had not been compromised and checked it then and there and installed new password ~ thankful she did not need to take it away to workshop.   At lunch time a call from dear old Rod out in Malta (is it ?) to make certain email was a hoax ~ spoke to both of the, Rod and Christine ~ so friendly ~ their daughter Darcy is at Exeter Uni studying DRAMA ~ they said that if I had been in trouble they would have helped !!   I met both of them at Mensa gatherings, Rod firstr and then Chris ~ it was Rod who got me out to Germany to give COLOUR MAGIC lecture to his staff when they were intending to paint the Veterinary Drugs Factory GREY ~ they had a marvellous topping out ceremony while I was there with a roasted ox on roof of new laboratory block and everyone chose their ribbons (as usual) and I analysed them ~ I particularly remember the architect who was very scathing of my readings but once he'd had his done, I couldn't get rid of him ~ he was lurking round me to hear everyone else's and when I shooed him off he hid under my table !

I'm going to ask Tom and Mary if they will send me a picture of their adorable puppies, Jasper and Rusty . . .   Thank Heavens, thank Cheryl, I still have the computer here, and working safely again !!!