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All's well that ends well

The new garden wall

Thank goodness, all is back to normal with no ill effects from hacking !   Cheryl sorted it out for me yesterday and although one or two people have been phoning to check, that seems to be that.  And with a new password it's unlikely anybody will hack into it again.   I have to say, I do have my suspicions about the hacker ~ it could be someone in Australia that I fell out with a couple of years ago, or a fellow in the Czech Republic who took against me in a big way ~ I did say something recently that could have set either of them off if they are still following my blog !   But I could be wrong and it was a random attack ~ what makes me suspicious is that those two both knew my password from when they were hacking into my computer !   If you ask me, some people don't have enough to do.

I'm so glad to have cleared all these business promotions out of the emails ~ so thank you David ~ he contacted me earlier about a list he is making of all those living in the yard which prompted me to recover the list I made back in 2007 when the Ingram brothers were building the high wall outside my door ~ I think I may copy it here along with list of contents of the TIME CAPSULE we built into the wall . . . 


March 7th 2007


At the request of Peter and Margaret Cowlishaw, owners of No 7 Clarks Yard, this wall has been repaired by Whitby Stone Masons, Steve Ingram, with his father George and his brother Mark, who have made a splendid job of it.

 The patio is being restored by Dick Hoyle, the RobinHoodsBay conservationist and perfectionist, who with Mick Yates looks after most of the properties in our yard. 

Living in the yard at this time are :  

 Penny Hedge Cottage - is a holiday let owned by Phil Smith of Sleights. 

Irene Dean, known to us as ‘Crystal,’ lives in the very old cottage facing up the yard, 84B Church Street.  Crystal is in her 90s and she has lived in the yard longer than any of us.  She came from Nottingham.  Crystal also owns No 2 which is a holiday cottage.

 Paul and Annabel Booth are the owners of No 3 which again is a holiday cottage. 

Mary and Terry Smith live at  No 4 – he is a Civil Engineer (now retired) and Mary was a fully qualified children’s Nanny.  They are in their 60s and came from Derby about 15 years ago. 

At No 5 we have Deryck Dale and Cheryl Duval (in their 40s) who are getting married on the 15th September 2007.  They rent the cottage from Eileen Gregory and have been here for about 2 years. 

At No 6 is Joy Peach (73) tarot reader, colour analyst and struggling writer.  She came here from Winchester 20 years ago. 

Peter and Margaret Cowlishaw own No 7 but live in Leeds – it is their holiday cottage mostly used by themselves, family and friends, though they readily allow everyone else in the yard to use it for their visitors.  They have been coming backwards and forwards from Leeds for 25 years and more. 

The White House (sometimes known as The Captain’s House) at the top of the yard is again a holiday cottage owned by Steve and Alison Warner, accountants from Derby, who bought the property in a tumbledown state about 12 years ago : Mick and Dick restored it lovingly for them over the next 3 or 4 years.

 This is a very friendly yard and one of the prettiest in Whitby, with all our cottages facing due south.  And each of us has a small garden on the site of another terrace of cottages which was pulled down in the slum clearance before the Second World War 1939-1945. 

We are burying this box with due ceremony and glasses of Chianti today March 7th 2007 and hope that one day someone will discover it and enjoy reading about the long-gone residents of Clarks Yard.    Joy Peach

And here is a list of the contents of the TIME CAPSULE which was built into the new wall :

Time Capsule Contents  -  7.03.07 

These are the items that I put in our Clarks Yard Time Capsule

Pendulum with instruction sheet

Rainbow bookmark with factsheet 

Deryck’s disk of pictures of the yard

 Property pages from Gazette

Front page of Gazette for 27/Feb

Front page of Independents 2/3

Front page of today’s Guardian


Whitby Town Trails Booklets : East Side and West Side 2006

 Leaflets about

            Victoria Spa Well (Parry Thornton’s)


            2 Blackburn’s Yard (Dick Hoyle’s)


Whitby Civic Society

            Heritage Open Days leaflet with programme 

            Yards Factsheet

            Notes on ground floor of no 6

           My article Open House for WCC 

Time Capsule list of residents 

Post card of Whitby from the air (J Tindale :W007044L)

with Clarks Yard visible on it,

            and “Greetings from 2007” 

Fortunately it is a fine sunny day and all being well

at noon about a dozen of us will gather on Peter’s patio

to bury the time capsule with due ceremony

and glasses of Chianti and nibbles

 sending it off into the unknown future 

Who will unearth it ?

And WHEN ?

In fact after we'd buried the TIME CAPSULE and were all knocking back the booze, the Ingram Brother's dog Lady which had been supervising their efforts in building thenew wall, was merrily digging it up !!   One of the stone masons had to rebury it much deeper behind the wall and put a heavy stone slab on top of it !   I have got photos of the event but at that time I didn't have a computer so will have to scan them for you.

Jasper and Rusty surveying their world