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Four Hundred !!

At the time the definitive work on the staddle stone granary, for what it's worth !

So here we are at my 400th entry ~ it was January 2nd 2013 that I began the blog ~ as no publisher was interested in what I thought was the interesting history of my house, I decided (old as I was) to get it down somehow or other ~ I simply typed BLOGGING into Google and SimpleSite was the top one of dozens of possibilities ~ what attracted me was its promise :" sign up here and in five minutes you will be blogging . . . "   and sure enough I was !   I really love blogging and aim to write something every day.  To start with I didn't have a camera, but having treated myself to one and with Di's help learnt how to transfer pictures to the computer there was no stopping me.

I am now into my second blog ~  and today I see there have been 25,698 hits.   The first blog ~ ~ was filled up last spring but people are still looking at it ~ I check it every so often and today's total is a cool 316,747 visits !!!   Amazing !   Especially as once I'd told you most of what I know about this house and the people who built it, and those who have lived here since 1829 when the Sanders moved on to grander things, I'm mostly just waffling on about life.

Especially now I am so frail and housebound, the blog gives me a sense of purpose ~ and it is quite something knowing how many of you are following my entries and presumably finding them interesting.

Since I was a teenager my ambition has been to become a writer.   Apart from a few encouraging successes in The Guardian and other publications, LIFE seemed always to get in the way.   Yes, I produced the Staddle Stone Granary paper (modest as it was), and my two novels (both self-published I'm ashamed to say) but mostly the struggling writer can expect nothing but rejection.   As often as not, you send off what you think is a pretty good story or article, only to get it back a few weeks later with no more than a rejection slip ~ and all too often the manuscript comes back in pristine condition an indication the nobody has even bothered to read it.   Talk about disheartening !

But now with my blog there is no worry about rejection ~ and without the approval of an agent or editor or publisher ~ having written today's chunk, I simply save it and send it out into the ether where I wouldn't really care whether or not anyone was reading it ~ but they are ~ YOU ARE !    Late as it is, I feel I am in a modest way A WRITER at last !

I'm afraid this entry is very self-absorbed, but at 'page' 400 WHAT THE HELL.

Time for a bath and another bowl of my excellent soup !

I should mention that I finished my first novel the day before my 16th birthday and posted it off to OUP ~ they did read it and gave me a long helpful and encouraging response ~ Mother kept the MS and although the story itself is good ~ a real novel ~ the typing is atrocious !   I was typing late at night after I'd done my homework with O Levels coming up that year ~ I had this stupid idea that if you intended to be a writer you had to prove yourself by the time you were sixteen !  Crazy. 

I also had the idea that if you DID IT with a boy, that was it, end of story, your fate was seled ! Kids have a bit more sense today.  My fate was sealed on Ilkley Moor one Sunday in my second year at Beckett Park Teacher Training College, Leeds ~ and more fool me !

Better than nothing I guess