Jean's birthday

Sue came this morning but as she had to open Runours at 10.30 she whizzed round with scarcely time for coffee.   I don't know where I'd be without her.   Rang Jean for her birthday but she sounds very poorly after a spell in hospital ~ hope she has friends and carers looking after her ~ on Google I find she was born in 1928 and so is 88 tofay, bless her.  There is a list of all the plays she has appeared in and several photos ~ I tried to copy one but without success ~ do have a look at her Google entry.  But remember it's under GEORGINE ANDERSON, her stage name.

Wednesday 10th 5pm : a busy day around the house but only managed to get out in the sunshine taking bag of kitchen rubbish to dustbin or seed to bird feeders ~ must make more effort.   Wrapped up copies of both Solitaire and Nine Men's Morris for Charlie but could not face taking them along to post ~ later Barbara came bless her and got me cash from NatWest and posted books to Charlie from Co-op ~ hope she didn't have to queue at either ~ people are so kind.   David popped in to collect his parcel that Steve left with me on Monday ~ and Elaine from the Alarm team ~ they check up on us all every month or so which is very good.

Thursday pm : Oh dear ~ at 6.30 when radio came on I reached out still dopey with sleep  to  turn volume up and managed to lose the channel ~ as I can't see directions on the knobs or read the instruction booklet I had to give up and switch off the frightful racket and as a result slept soundly for another hour.   Later David came in and sorted it out for me ~ hope he doesn't think I deliberately find little jobs for him to do.   As he is a Railway Man (he works on the steam trains at Beamish Open Air Museum) I lent him the book about our grandfather, railway engineer, which might interest him.  10.30 to Saul Black for toe nails ~ a woman driver for once, Sarah, recently retired to Whiyby from (was it ?) Huddersfield or Halifax where she was teaching ~ her husband is Chaplin at the C of E Convent ~ interesting !

I'd just settled down to do the ironing when Barbara popped round ~ I'm going to miss her once her elegant house is sold and she moves to York.    Needed a really deep flop after all this excitement ~ cup of tea and at last met Tia the dog at number 5 ~ honestly, I'd not have known there was a dog there ~ no dog noises, and come to think of it, no children noises either in spite of Kelan (12) and Ellie-Rose (6).    Message from Jean who had also received HACK and it had worried her slightly.   I say again the hack brought so many friends and family old and new enquiring after my well-being ~ heart-warming.

The driver for the trip to Scarborough Eye Clinic on Tuesday was young Chris who kept me entertained there and back ~ he told me about his wife who is manager of a nursery, and their 3 year old daughter Amelia who has some genetic heart weakness which she inherited from him so if they want another child they will have to go for AID to avoid more trouble ~ Amelia has been on medication from birth but should be OK ~ worrying for them.

This morning I finished the next-to-last of my blood pressure pils and meant to phone Boots, but Mike has just delivered them, thank goodness ~ though my BP is measured every time I go to Brid and it is stable and perfect, they tell me : 125/80 or thereabouts ~ do I need to keep taking the medication ?    Now that Charlie has told us about the damage Georgie's lifetime on epilepsy pills may have done.   Oh dear . . .   In my case, too late to worry !

Barbara brought me the first of the Bill Bryson books : Notes from a Small Island ~ so hope I can cope with the small print ~ I am told that cataract op should make a wonderful difference ~ do hope so.   At Scarborough the friendly Optician tried out various magnifying possibilities and having decided which would be most useful for me, she told me the department had run out of funds for now and she'll post the gadget to me next month !   The funny thing was, when I explained I was finding working on the computer difficult even when I zoom up to 150% she seemed surprised anyone of my great age was doing such a thing ~ I told her about the blog and she quickly brought up the original one ( on her computer and scrolled down the list of entries to bring one up on screen for me to use for her tests ~ the one she clicked on was called "The Vicar's Knickers" ~ no idea what that was about but will look it up now before I forget again !   Vicar's Knickers !!

Friday morning : did look it up but it was among the entries I identify by date ~ the title only shows up once it is opened so looks as if I'll have to search through the whole jolly lot ~ 340-odd "pages" ~ oh lord !   Not sure I can be bothered though I am wondering what it could possibly be about ~ Vicar's Knickers !!

I've just looked for magnifiers on Google and see that the one that is ordered for me on NHS costs about £60 !  Golly !   And she said she would put batteries in for me, bless her !

I am horrified that Kirsty next door is virtually bedridden ~ her right hip simply disintegrated during her pregnancy with Ellie-Rose who is now six ~ the NHS won't give her a replacement hip BECAUSE SHE IS TOO YOUNG !    They'll give an old biddy like me new hips when our time is nearly up, but not Kirsty who is probably in her thirties and was nursing before this happened.   John keeps the whole show on the road, getting both children off to school and collecting them afterwards ~ I guess he has a child minder who a) gives them breakfast and b) takes care of them at the end of the school day until their Dad finishes work and can fetch them.   I believe the reason they wont give a young person a replacement hip is that they only last about ten years so there would have to be several replacements of the replacement over her lifetime ~ but this situation is quite dreadful for them all.   Maybe I'll write a letter to the Guardian ~ sometimes a letter in the press can trigger action.   Afterthought : Georgie suggests there must be more to it ~ maybe Kirsty's PELVIS crumbled too leaving nothing to attach replacement hip too !  God, poor girl.   (and why should a letter to an Editor make a scrap of difference ~ with their doctor they must have explored all possibilities)

Jasper and Rusty met Tia for the first time yesterday, and although Tia is five times larger than they are, Jasper was ready to tear her to bits !  Mary says he would take on a an Irish Wolf Hound, no sweat !

Time for coffee ~ cold this morning with frost on Annie's roof first thing ~ oh, and the radio alarm came on at 6.30 so David had fixed the problem for me yesterday, bless him ~ not only can I not read the instruction booklet, I can not even make out the directions on the actual clock !   As I type Mozart disk this morning ~ heavenly !