Sad ~ my obsolete washing line !

Red Cabbage ~ again !

10.0pm and delicious smells of the red cabbage I made earlier whaich has been cooking slowly in the bottom oven for six hours ~ tomorrow it should be delicious ~ it always is best next day ~ finely chopped cabbage, an onion ditto and a cooking apple plus juice of a lemon, cloves, nutmeg, mixed herbs, a spoonful of sugar and a squeeze of honey, a handful of raisins and a dash of vinegar ~ although it has reduced right down in the oven, there will still be enough for 3 or 4 helpings.   Can scarcely wait.

So chilly today that I finally gave in and got the long johns out ~ I'd thought they were not going to be needed this year but they certainly do make a wondrful difference under my cords.  I've got four pairs ~ from Damart one navy pair, one deep pink ~ from M&S that Georgie must have given me, a lovely silky pair in pale pink, and a white pair ~ so cosy !   

Assad says he will fight on till he regains control of the whole of Syria but by then the country will be in ruins and those of its people who have not been killed will have fled ~ the man must be mad, a mad tyrant !

 Sunday pm : SNOWING !    Last night we had a power failure ~ from 10.20 - 11.20 ~ it was pitch black inside and out ~ nothing for it but to shuffle off to bed ~ fortunately I'd put the blanket on soon after 9pm so it was lovely and snug ~ couldn't get to sleep knowing that when it came back on I'd need to go round turning everything off, and it was almost exactly an hour so that was OK ~ Tom tells me water board or whatever have been digging the road up and maybe that caused the problem, though Georgie says they had a power cut too, theirs from 11.15-12.15.   Realise I only have this one torch so ordered a stronger one from Amazon just now in case of more trouble.

Later : Such cheering news from Georgie who has been looking into the possibility of early retirement on medical grounds if her condition gets worse, which we know it will ~ after 40 years with North Humberside CC she should get a good lump sum together with a reasonable pension which with her State Pension should give her a reasonable income ~ I'm so relieved to hear this ~ I myself will surely be dead and gone before she needs to retire but it is such a relief knowing she will be OK ~ bless her heart.

To Bridlington again in the morning though I'm not too keen on MONDAY trips ~ do hope I can soon get my cataracts done as at present I can scarcely find the cursor on the screen ~ the problem seems to have got a lot worse suddenly .   As always, if I need an injection tomorrow I'll be practically blind, so see you on Tuesday,

Tuesday morning : A lovely bright and breezy morning , a perfect day to hang the washing out but sadly I can no longer either open up the whirly washing line or carry a tub of wet washing out there (all of 12 paces) or peg stuff out ~ after 60 years as a Washer Woman those days are over ~ fortunately with my cosy Aga-warmed kitchen everything dries on the clothes horse overnight but it does pain me looking out on the perfect drying day and knowing I am quite unable to take advantage of it.   I always have a bath before supper sp load what washing there is after I've eaten and washed up and tidied the kitchen and set it going when I go through to watch Channel4 News at 7pm.

Last night there was an absolutely fascinating programme about the correspondence over thirty-odd years between Pope John Paul and a married woman, a philosopher, back in Poland ~ from the bits that were quoted it was clearly a highly charged emotional affair although they kept stressing that "he never broke his vow of chastity" ~heart-warmng to discover that this saintly figure found love and affection even though as far as is known sex did not come into it.   In spite of the adulation of millions around the world it must be a dreadfully lonely life, being Pope.   It seems the Vatican knew something of this relationship an no sooner was her dead than they ddeleted any mention or pictures of her from the record ~ and most alarming of all ~ speeded up his sactification before the story got out !   So much for SAINTHOOD then !

5.30pm and eyesight still very poor ~ a small blue disk floating around in right eye but it has shrunk a good bit since yesterday ~ I'm giving up for today  ~ 8pm there is this fascinating "Times Past" programme on BBC2 ~ try to catch it.

Later : oh, Barbara tells me the people starting ART and CRAFT classes at Trinity Centre are appealing for materials of every sort ~ what about my ribbons ?   YES ~ that's a good idea ~ I no longer go to RHB to do my Rainbow Readings and even doing the odd one at home is difficult with my eyesight so poor ~ if someone will come and collect them, I will gladly give them the whole lot, eighty or more spools ~ just keeping one of each of the colours of the rainbow plus BLACK, WHITE, PINK and BROWN ~ just in case.  I've also useful bits of card, crayons, felt tips, coloured paper ~ all of which might be useful.

This absolutely gripping story of Malaya ~ I'm just reading about Japanese atrocities during the war but that's only part of it.!