The damp corner in the attic now sealed and re-painted by Richard Eshelby

The Final Touch

I feel the house is in pretty good order inside and out so that the family should get a good price for it when the time comes ~ just one black spot : when Richard and Jack painted the big attic for me this time last year, the wall in the right hand alcove quickly showed signs of damp and the fresh paint started blistering and flaking off ~ I hoped Richard would find time to seal the wall and repaint it as this is really the only damp spot in the house ~ he is much in demand as a gardener, of course, but rang last night to tell me he will come today as forecast is bad, not a day for gardening ~ I don't know how he will get into the corner, how he will move the chest of drawers ~ the bed is in the way ~ not to worry, he managed it before though his son Jack was here helping then.

The powerful torch I'd ordered fromAmazon came yesterday but I couldn't read the instructions or fathom out how to get it working ~ Mary, bless her, sorted it out for me and it certainly is powerful with rechargeable battery which proved to be CHARGED UP already ~ I'm so useless because I cannot any longer read instructions.   Also, for fear of further power cuts I've brought the heavy Church candles down from the attic, trimmed them off and have them to hand in the kitchen ~ all ready for action !

Mary wonders whether Richard would do some painting in Rose's new flat on Skinner Street ~ the man they had found to do it has fallen off a ladder and broken his knee.   Not sure Richard wants more decorating work ~ he is so much in demand as a gardener but we'll see.

A special programme on Radio this morning in place of Mid Week about these leters from Pope John-Paul II to a Polish woman, philosopher, married with children, with whom he was corresponding in a most passionate way for thirty years, right up to his death ~ so sad ~ all this pent up love ~ bloody celebacy !   Did Jesus insist on it ?   NO !   Seeing how the early Church Fathers suppressed the sex urges, maybe it is not so unlikely that Jesus himself did indeed have a relationship with Mary Magdalene, and they suppressed that too !

Here's Richard, come to damp-proof and repaint that far alvoe in the big attic ~ wonderful !

 Later : I was telling Richard about the idea of keeping this house in the family after I'm dead, and how the amount we owe AVIVA on the Equity I released 18 year ago now amounts to £115,000 and way beyond their combined meamns.   Richard suggested they might take out a "Buy to Let" mortgage to cover this amount and then let the house out when they themselves are not needing it.   People pay an enormous amount to rent Whitby cottages ~ £500 per week or more so it might be possible.   I say again, I released the £40,000 equity at my very lowest ebb with no income, no benefits, often the only money that came my way was when Mother, bless her popped £10 in with a letter, but always with a lecture about economising and budgeting !   Occasionally I would do a Tarot Reading which brought in another £5 ~ but basically it was a nightmare ~ the equity was a life saver though at 7% compound interes tan expensive one ~ ah how wonderful it would be if Richard's idea was feasible.   Fingers crossed.

My new torches ~ all four of them !